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Master list of how to SCRAPE any category of leads.

Ecommerce, local biz, B2B, LinkedIn searches, info product sellers, enterprise, ANYTHING.

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1/ Ecommerce Stores


Further filter based on apps installed.

Selling email marketing?

Shopify + Klaviyo

Instantly unlock direct email addresses of decision makers WITH LinkedIn profiles.

Emails are already verified, no need to do it yourself.

2/ Local Biz


"Find B2C local businesses"

Specify country, state, city, sort by ratings.

Instantly unlocks generic email addresses.

But wait

You need direct owner emails.

Take the list of domains, and plug them into Klean Leads "Find B2B contacts"


It will process and spit out *direct* email addresses of the titles you specify.

3/ LinkedIn Searches

Let's scrape marketing agencies.

Go to LinkedIn and type in "marketing agency" (just an example)

Click "all filters"

Connections: 2nd, 3rd

Location: US

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Titles: owner OR founder OR CEO OR CMO


Let's scrape it
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I studied hundreds of top copywriting examples with @heyblake.

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Tip from Alex: Repeat Yourself

Reason: Your main benefit shouldn’t be expressed subtly. Repeat it three times. Make it known.

Example: Apple’s M1 Chip

Tip from Blake: Start with goals for the copy.

Reason: You need to know what you are writing, for whom, and what action it should lead to. No guesswork.

Example: My content engine at

Tip from Alex: Use Open Loops

Reason: Open loops peak a reader's interest by presenting an unsolved mystery to the reader. Our brains are hardwired to find closure. Make your product the final closure. Example: Woody Justice

Tip from Blake: Write short, snappy sentences.

Reason: People have short attention spans. And big blocks of text are super hard to read. Make it

Example: Every blog from @Backlinko
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