How To Promote Your Stuff On The Internet: A Thread

After all the recent online events/conventions, I realised that there are a lot of people who don't understand how to maximise their promotion potential, so here's a quick, basic thread on how to do that!! 1/13

1. POST YOUR LINKS EVERYWHERE. People are lazy and want to do things as easily as possible. Put your shop/website/patreon link in your Twitter bio, in your pinned tweet, in your IG bio, make links easy to find on your site, put your links everywhere, please oh my god. 2/13
If you're making a post talking about your shop, put a link to your shop in the tweet (or in the tweet below if you're worried about algorithms). Say "shop link below!". Make it as easy as possible to find your shop! The majority of people will not go looking for the link!! 3/13
2. POST YOUR EMAIL EVERYWHERE. Someone looking to hire you isn't always going to want to DM you, and if they can't easily find a way to contact you, they'll just skip you. Put it in your bio!! Put it in your pinned tweet!!! Put it in the header of your website!!! 4/13
3. Related: make a website. If you don't want to make a portfolio website, then make an Instagram or Tumblr where your work is clearly on display. People are lazy. People don't want to scroll through memes to find your work to see if they want to hire you or buy from you. 5/13
4. Make your Online Branding cohesive, at least during important advertising times. Use the same icon across platforms so that you're recognisable. During TB I made sure to use the exact same image everywhere so people would recognise my work even if they didn't know my name 6/13
5. The algorithm sucks and you need to bump your work. A great way to do this without just replying "bump!" or "hey look" to your original post is to add more information with each bump, adding value to the thread. 7/13

Hey here's my shop!
↳ Here's something I'm selling there!
6. Include links and info about what your promotional thread is about in every tweet. What if one tweet gets a bunch of retweets and is shown contextless to hundreds of other people, who, again, are going to be too lazy to click to read the rest of the thread? 8/13
If your thread is about your shop or a crowdfunding campaign, this can be as simple as a "Buy here: [link]" line at the bottom of the tweet. People 👏 are 👏 lazy 👏 so you have to do the work for them. 9/13
8. Occasionally make NEW posts about the same thing!! Even if you're bumping everything, people will always miss things. Plus a fresh post will also get engagement from people who already saw and interacted with your original post. 10/13
If it's a new post about your shop, show new/different merch you're selling! If it's a new post about your crowdfunding campaign, use new promotional pictures!! Or just use the same ones with slightly different wording and bam, fresh new post. 11/13
7. Stealing this one from @haridraws: something that's super helpful as a commissioner or someone who's hiring is if your bio/pinned tweet has a line like "private commissions closed, business enquiries open [EMAIL]". Now I don't need to ask you! I just know! Thank you!!! 12/13
In conclusion, when you're drafting your post promoting yourself, step back and look at it again and think "have I made this as easy as possible to do the thing I'm asking".

Please feel free to reply with your own tips 🙏 Good luck promoting your stuff. 13/13
OH bonus tip: linking to an instagram account? People are LAZY. Post a link instead of just saying your username! Far less people will look you up if you say "check out my instagram @/evegwood" instead of "check out my instagram"
Bonus bonus tip: check out my sick webcomic ⚡️

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Master list of how to SCRAPE any category of leads.

Ecommerce, local biz, B2B, LinkedIn searches, info product sellers, enterprise, ANYTHING.

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1/ Ecommerce Stores


Further filter based on apps installed.

Selling email marketing?

Shopify + Klaviyo

Instantly unlock direct email addresses of decision makers WITH LinkedIn profiles.

Emails are already verified, no need to do it yourself.

2/ Local Biz


"Find B2C local businesses"

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Instantly unlocks generic email addresses.

But wait

You need direct owner emails.

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Go to LinkedIn and type in "marketing agency" (just an example)

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Connections: 2nd, 3rd

Location: US

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Titles: owner OR founder OR CEO OR CMO


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