What is Buzz Chronicles?

Buzz Chronicles gives you folders for your bookmarks on Twitter. It has been a pain for some people that you can bookmark a tweet, but you cannot have your bookmarks sorted in thematic buckets. Buzz Chronicles solves this problem and also lets you explore tweets/threads saved by other users.

How does it work?

You can communicate with Buzz Chronicles through our Twitter bot. In order to save a tweet or a thread to a specific folder:

💬 Reply to the interesting tweet with "@buzz_chronicles save as {folder_name}"
🤖 Our bot will send you a link to your own folder on Buzz Chronicles with that tweet already saved!
📁 All your folders will be available at buzzchronicles.com/{your_twitter_handle}

How do I save the whole thread?

Reply with "@buzz_chronicles save as {folder_name}" to the last or first tweet in the thread.

Due to the restrictions from Twitter API, replying to the first tweet will only work 7 days after the thread was published. Replying to the last tweet will always save the whole thread for you.

How do I opt out of having my content featured on Buzz Chronicles?

Just reach out to us on @buzz_chronicles or send a direct message on Twitter. We will add your user id to our opted out list and your content will no longer appear on Buzz Chronicles.