What is Buzz Chronicles?

Buzz Chronicles is the easiest way to save Twitter threads and organize them into categories.

This way it is easier to find them in the future, come back to them at any time and read them in a comfortable article format.

Buzz Chronicles is also a great way to discover similar threads saved by other users. Or just to explore content from thousands of categories.

How does it work?

You can communicate with Buzz Chronicles through our Twitter bot. In order to save a tweet or a thread to a specific category:

💬 Reply to the interesting thread with @buzz_chronicles save as category
🤖 Our bot will send you a link to your own folder on Buzz Chronicles. The thread will be saved in a form of an easy-to-read article
📁 All your saved threads will be available at buzzchronicles.com/your_twitter_handle

How do I opt out of having my content featured on Buzz Chronicles?

Just reach out to us on @buzz_chronicles and send a direct message on Twitter. We will add you to our opted–out list and your content will no longer appear on Buzz Chronicles.