APIs in general are so powerful.

Best 5 public APIs you can use to build your next project:

1. Number Verification API

A RESTful JSON API for national and international phone number validation.

🔗 https://t.co/fzBmCMFdIj
2. OpenAI API

ChatGPT is an outstanding tool. Build your own API applications with OpenAI API.

🔗 https://t.co/TVnTciMpML
3. Currency Data API

Currency Data API provides a simple REST API with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies

🔗 https://t.co/TRj35IUUec
4. Weather API

Real-Time & historical world weather data API.

Retrieve instant, accurate weather information for
any location in the world in lightweight JSON format.

🔗 https://t.co/DCY8kXqVIK
5. Bionic Reading

Bionic Reading® is a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points.

🔗 https://t.co/5FdAOAaFkN

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I've brought you some amazing GitHub repositories of web development tips and tricks 🌟


1️⃣ JS Tips

- A huge list of 73 great tips and tricks of JavaScript


2️⃣ CSS Protips

- A collection of tips to help take your CSS skills pro. Definitely check it out

🔗 https://t.co/5haB2xTWuz

3️⃣ JS Tips and Tricks

- Some advanced tips and tricks of JavaScript that can help you to take your skills onto next level

🔗 https://t.co/NvfoANwweV

4️⃣ Git Tips

- Git is an essential tool for very programmer. in this repo you'll find the most commonly used git tips and tricks

🔗 https://t.co/34qvOhYCZE
5 great code snippet websites for every web developer and designer


1️⃣ 30 Seconds of Code

- Short code snippets for all your development needs


2️⃣ Free Frontend

- Free hand-picked HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery, React, Vue) code examples, tutorials and articles

🔗 https://t.co/2sIAm73EdZ

3️⃣ Little Snippets

- A free collection of HTML and CSS code snippets

🔗 https://t.co/qxAyA2wA6U

4️⃣ CSS Deck

- Collection of Awesome CSS and JS Creations to help out frontend developers and designers.

🔗 https://t.co/LcZYnipvCy

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Viruses and other pathogens are often studied as stand-alone entities, despite that, in nature, they mostly live in multispecies associations called biofilms—both externally and within the host.


Microorganisms in biofilms are enclosed by an extracellular matrix that confers protection and improves survival. Previous studies have shown that viruses can secondarily colonize preexisting biofilms, and viral biofilms have also been described.

...we raise the perspective that CoVs can persistently infect bats due to their association with biofilm structures. This phenomenon potentially provides an optimal environment for nonpathogenic & well-adapted viruses to interact with the host, as well as for viral recombination.

Biofilms can also enhance virion viability in extracellular environments, such as on fomites and in aquatic sediments, allowing viral persistence and dissemination.

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