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What a year it's been. It hasn't been easy for anyone in 2020, but we've seen @spfl clubs and community trusts across Scotland step up to support those in need.

Let's have a little thread to celebrate 12 months of extraordinary commitment.



We kicked off the year with Football Fans in Training.


Alison wasn't actually a @PartickThistle fan (albeit she kinda fell for the Jags with help from her partner). This was her story... 💪🏽


Also in January we revealed that @JamTarts would join our @JoyofMovingUK programme, becoming the third club in Scotland to deliver the project to primary schools, across Edinburgh.

In Feb, we revealed @CashBackScot is to fund a new SPFL Trust project with five @spfl clubs / communities trusts to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Off the Bench will feature:

⚪️ @DundeeFCCT
⚪️ @falkirkfcf
⚪️ @bighearts
Aight. Here’s my favorite 2 stories about Bill Russell.

Both stories reveal how much of a humble human being he is. And one blows my mind because it dismantles what we think about the evolution of sports.

A thread:

The first is, that there is an assumption that today’s athletes are faster, stronger, etc. which is is based on ZERO evidence.

For instance, Wilt Chamberlain benched 465 lbs at 59 years old. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he benched 500 lbs on the set of Conan the Destroyer

Most basketball experts say Wilt has the highest vertical leap in NBA history. A few others argue that Michael Jordan did.

I think they’re both wrong.


Well let me tell you a story:

In 1956 Bill Russell was selected for the US Olympic basketball team

During this time, pros weren’t allowed in the Olympics, so the International Olympic Committee tried to say that he was ineligible since he had already signed with the Celtics, even though he hadn’t played yet

Luckily, Russell prevailed and led the team to the gold medal as the captain.

But if they would have stopped Russell from playing for the US basketball team, he would have STILL been in the Olympics.


Because Bill Russell was one of the greatest high jumpers I. The world.