JavaScript is powerful.

But sometimes, you can do great things using CSS.

A long thread of CSS tips and tricks:

1. Smooth scrolling
2. Change marker styling
3. Add styling to video subtitle
4. Change input caret color
5. Typewritter effect using pure CSS
6. Customize text selection
7. Zoom image on hover
8. Customize first letter
9. Pure CSS image carousel
10. Comma separated list
11. Text outline using 1 CSS property
12. Customize list style type
13. Style range input
14. 3D elements using CSS
15. Optimize the performance
16. Create round text
17. Wavy underline
18. Truncate text using CSS
19. Negative selector
20. Prevent text selecting
21. Make div scrollable
22. Image reflection
23. Image rendering
End of this thread.

I’m planning to post more top-notch content in upcoming days.

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Top 5 free APIs for web developers


1️⃣ Custom Search API

- Create your own custom search engine. You can search for image, videos, and news.


2️⃣ Movie Database API

- Access movie and TV information similar to that of IMDB.


3️⃣ Dad Jokes API

- Get random endless dad jokes


4️⃣ COVID-19 Data API

- Every 15 minutes updated statistic about Coronavirus. Latest stats by country, are collected from several reliable sources.


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