Make them irrelevant > Hold a grudge

Holding a grudge is the easy thing to do.
But holding a grudge is not the right thing to do.
A grudge puts poison in your body & rewires your subconscious mind.
You consume the poison & destroy your reality while your attacker sleeps like a baby.
Making the attacker is a superpower that a few have mastered.
When you make someone irrelevant after they attacked you, it crushes their soul.
They did their best to get a reaction out of you, but nothing?
Being deemed irrelevant puts poison in their body & consumes them.
They try to attack more hoping to get any crumbs of attention.
But nah, maintain your power & elevate yourself.
Now it is you who sleeps like a baby while their spinning in circles like they are doing Booker Ts spinarooni.
That's how the game was meant to be played.
Hold the grudge = you lose & they win.
Make them irrelevant = you win & they lose.
Which option are you going to choose after reading this?
Your choice will say a lot about how much of a control you have over your ego.
Choose wisely.

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