*The Evidence Collection*

There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud. Therefore it is the duty of the Executive, Legislative, & Judicial branches to throw out the fraudulent votes & to honor their oath to protect & defend the Constitution of the USA.🇺🇸🦅

A list below.🔻

1/ Navarro Report: The Immaculate Deception - Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities - 12/18/20🔻
2/ Analysis of 3,000 U.S. counties shows Joe Biden received 5.6 % more votes in counties using Dominion Voting Systems (Video) - 12/17/20🔻
3/ Antrim Michigan Dominion Voting Systems Forensics Report - 12/13/20🔻
4/ Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged - 11/24/20🔻
5/ Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman's Summary of Testimony from the December 3, 2020 Hearing - 12/17/20🔻
6/ Five States and the Election Irregularities and Issues - 12/8/20🔻
7/ Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions (Video) - 11/24/20🔻
8/ The Legitimacy and Effect of Private Funding in Federal and State Electoral Processes - 12/16/20🔻
9/ Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020 - 11/24/20🔻
10/ Explosive: New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA - 11/21/20🔻
11/ 2020 Election: An analysis of voting data from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin - 11/26/20🔻
12/ Sidney Powell's Team Binder - 12/26/20🔻
13/ Election Night Errors - How did that happen? (Video) - 12/12/20🔻
14/ A Close Look at the Data - Arizona (Video) - 12/17/20🔻
15/ Georgia - A Close Look at the Data and Events - Chapter 1 (Video) - 12/25/20🔻
16/ r/DonaldTrump's Report on Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic - 12/24/20🔻
17/ A (Fairly) Complete List of the Most Significant Claims of 2020 Election Miscounts, Errors, or Fraud - 12/20/20🔻
18/ Skeptical of Voter Fraud in 2020? Here’s Your Evidence - 11/20/20🔻
19/ 2020 Election Investigation: Who is Stealing America? (Video) - 12/14/20🔻
20/ A Crowdsourcing Tool Aggregating Publicly Available Items of Evidence🔻
21/ Joe Cheated: Here's Proof🔻
22/ A List of Video Evidence, Evidence Hearings, Court Cases, and Additional Resources🔻
23/ A Video Collection of 2020 Election Fraud - 11/6/20🔻

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*The Election Map*

There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud in all contested states. Therefore it is the duty of the Executive, Legislative, & Judicial branches to throw out the fraudulent votes & to honor their oath to protect & defend the Constitution of the USA.🇺🇸🦅



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Handy guide for Dominic Raab and other Brexiteers, and for anyone keen to replace our EU trade with trade with the rest of the world on WTO terms...

You can't magic away the vast distances involved. Clue: we fly in only 1/192th of our trade compared to the amount that arrives via sea

But even if you invented a teleporter tomorrow, WTO terms are so bad, so stacked against us, that a no-deal Brexit will be a total economic disaster

And while the Brexiteers fantasise, real jobs are being lost, investments are drying up, companies are moving assets to the EU27 or redomiciling. All already happened and happening right now, not in some mythical

Of course, there are many, many myths that Brexiteers perpetuate that are total fiction. You've seen a couple of them already. The thread below busts a whole lot

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A THREAD ON @SarangSood

Decoded his way of analysis/logics for everyone to easily understand.

Have covered:
1. Analysis of volatility, how to foresee/signs.
2. Workbook
3. When to sell options
4. Diff category of days
5. How movement of option prices tell us what will happen

1. Keeps following volatility super closely.

Makes 7-8 different strategies to give him a sense of what's going on.

Whichever gives highest profit he trades in.

2. Theta falls when market moves.
Falls where market is headed towards not on our original position.

3. If you're an options seller then sell only when volatility is dropping, there is a high probability of you making the right trade and getting profit as a result

He believes in a market operator, if market mover sells volatility Sarang Sir joins him.

4. Theta decay vs Fall in vega

Sell when Vega is falling rather than for theta decay. You won't be trapped and higher probability of making profit.
The chorus of this song uses the shlokas taken from Sundarkand of Ramayana.

It is a series of Sanskrit shlokas recited by Jambavant to Hanuman to remind Him of his true potential.

1. धीवर प्रसार शौर्य भरा: The brave persevering one, your bravery is taking you forward.

2. उतसारा स्थिरा घम्भीरा: The one who is leaping higher and higher, who is firm and stable and seriously determined.

3. ुग्रामा असामा शौर्या भावा: He is strong, and without an equal in the ability/mentality to fight

4. रौद्रमा नवा भीतिर्मा: His anger will cause new fears in his foes.

5.विजिटरीपुरु धीरधारा, कलोथरा शिखरा कठोरा: This is a complex expression seen only in Indic language poetry. The poet is stating that Shivudu is experiencing the intensity of climbing a tough peak, and likening

it to the feeling in a hard battle, when you see your enemy defeated, and blood flowing like a rivulet. This is classical Veera rasa.

6.कुलकु थारथिलीथा गम्भीरा, जाया विराट वीरा: His rough body itself is like a sharp weapon (because he is determined to win). Hail this complete

hero of the world.

7.विलयगागनथाला भिकारा, गरज्जद्धरा गारा: The hero is destructive in the air/sky as well (because he can leap at an enemy from a great height). He can defeat the enemy (simply) with his fearsome roar of war.