Do you know?

The Golden Shine on the artificial jewellery of modern times is a gift by Nagarjuna.

Now,u might be wondering,who is Nagarjuna?

Nagarjuna was the name of an ancient Indian scholar&scientist whose name is associated with the fields of Alchemy,Chemistry& Metallurgy.

He conducted a number of alchemic and Metallurgical experiments directed towards transforming base elements into Gold.
According to Eduard Sachau's Alberuni's India, Nagarjuna was termed as a Metallurgist who was born 100 yrs before Alberuni's time, who was born in 973 CE.
According to some records Nagarjuna was born in 9th century CE near Somnath,Gujarat and according to some Tibetan & Chinese sources he was born in Vidarbha,Maharashtra from where he later migrated to Deccan region.
Edward Schau quotes in his book,'They have a science similar to Alchemy and Nagarjuna is famous for this science which they call as 'Rasayana'.
Nagarjuna's book 'Rasaratnakara' is one of the earliest documented texts on Alchemy,Chemistry & Metallurgy in Sanskrit.Nagarjuna successfully discovered through his experiments the alchemy of transmutation of base metals into Gold.This was not real gold but a gold like substance.
The same procedure that Nagarjuna discovered about a thousand of years ago is used in the modern times to make shining artificial jewellery which is an exact look alike of the original.
Further in his treatise Rasaratnakara,Nagarjuna describes the procedures for metal extracting.
The metal extraction in detail which he describes are of metals like gold, silver, tin or copper.

The usage and intake of Swarna Bhasma(Gold powder)as a therapeutic agent for several diseases in Ayurveda is also mentioned by Nagarjuna.
How this Swarna Bhasma must be made and how it must be mixed with other herbs and in what quantities,has been very minutely detailed. In addition to 'Rasaratnakara', Nagarjuna's works also include 'Rasahradya' & 'Rasandramangla'.These two treatises r mostly of Ayurvedic accounts.
The description of Metals and knowledge of metallurgy finds a mention in ancient Hindu Scriptures. There are numerous archeological evidences on ancient Indian metallurgy. Excavations of the Ganges valley led to the discovery of iron workshops dating back to 1800BCE.
Various excavations at various sites of UP revealed the usage of iron around 1800-1200BCE.
Nagarjuna's contribution in the field of Alchemy, Chemistry and Metallurgy can't be ignored as at a time when western scientists conducted many experiments in Alchemy and failed...
...miserably,it was India who successfully conducted such experiments &lead the world.

Some of the remarkable contributions made by Nagarjuna in the fields of Alchemy,Ayurveda &Metallurgy are:
-Description of metal extracting procedure of metals such as Gold,Silver,Copper & Tin.
-Preparation of herbal medicines.
-Preparation of life saving medicines.
-Preparation of yellow shiny metal which is a look alike of Gold.
-Design of Chemical Labs.

Ancient Indians achieved tremendous progress in every field of Science,Art,Architecture etc and we have a...
..great legacy of the greatest scientists to be proud of.The only thing is we must be aware of our legacy&make others aware of it.

So,if u r fond of the artificial jewellery in today's times which I am sure u r, u should thank an ancient Indian Alchemist named Nagarjuna for it.

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दधीचि ऋषि को मनाही थी कि वह अश्विनी कुमारों को किसी भी अवस्था में ब्रह्मविद्या का उपदेश नहीं दें। ये आदेश देवराज इन्द्र का था।वह नहीं चाहते थे कि उनके सिंहासन को प्रत्यक्ष या परोक्ष रुप से कोई भी खतरा हो।मगर जब अश्विनी कुमारों ने सहृदय प्रार्थना की तो महर्षि सहर्ष मान गए।

और उन्होनें ब्रह्मविद्या का ज्ञान अश्विनि कुमारों को दे दिया। गुप्तचरों के माध्यम से जब खबर इन्द्रदेव तक पहुंची तो वे क्रोध में खड़ग ले कर गए और महर्षि दधीचि का सर धड़ से अलग कर दिया।मगर अश्विनी कुमार भी कहां चुप बैठने वाले थे।उन्होने तुरंत एक अश्व का सिर महर्षि के धड़ पे...

...प्रत्यारोपित कर उन्हें जीवित रख लिया।उस दिन के पश्चात महर्षि दधीचि अश्वशिरा भी कहलाए जाने लगे।अब आगे सुनिये की किस प्रकार महर्षि दधीचि का सर काटने वाले इन्द्र कैसे अपनी रक्षा हेतु उनके आगे गिड़गिड़ाए ।

एक बार देवराज इन्द्र अपनी सभा में बैठे थे, तो उन्हे खुद पर अभिमान हो आया।

वे सोचने लगे कि हम तीनों लोकों के स्वामी हैं। ब्राह्मण हमें यज्ञ में आहुति देते हैं और हमारी उपासना करते हैं। फिर हम सामान्य ब्राह्मण बृहस्पति से क्यों डरते हैं ?उनके आने पर क्यों खड़े हो जाते हैं?वे तो हमारी जीविका से पलते हैं। देवर्षि बृहस्पति देवताओं के गुरु थे।

अभिमान के कारण ऋषि बृहस्पति के पधारने पर न तो इन्द्र ही खड़े हुए और न ही अन्य देवों को खड़े होने दिया।देवगुरु बृहस्पति इन्द्र का ये कठोर दुर्व्यवहार देख कर चुप चाप वहां से लौट गए।कुछ देर पश्चात जब देवराज का मद उतरा तो उन्हे अपनी गलती का एहसास हुआ।

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