A Thread on the Boss himself @Mitesh_Engr

Sir's Positional Option Selling 101:

• How to find direction
• Which options to sell
• How to deploy capital
• Exit criteria
• What ROI he targets weekly
• What % risk he takes

Done with the help of @niki_poojary

How @Mitesh_Engr Sir finds the direction?

• Daily charts S/R
• 75 min charts S/R
• Intraday trend
• Always play directional
• Never trades in strategies
Which options to sell in weekly expiry according to @Mitesh_Engr?

• Weekly candle High/Low
• Sell 1% away options from those
• Exit when levels breached
Position Sizing by @Mitesh_Engr Sir.

How to deploy your capital?

• First sell 20%
• Pyramid the next day
• When to exit
• What to do when view goes wrong
• What to do with idle capital
Some important tweets of @Mitesh_Engr Sir

• What Data to look at
• ROI for safe players per month
• Max risk per day
• Gather knowledge and play directional
• Never play strategies
What kind of returns should traders expect according to @Mitesh_Engr

• Monthly 2% easily via index options
• With little risk 4-5%
• Beginners weekly target - 0.5%
• Consistency
• Trade fearlessly later
Important points by @Mitesh_Engr Sir

• Never average losers
• Remember levels of stocks
• Cut losses immediately
• Overnight positions - Control position sizing/ hedge
How @Mitesh_Engr Sir determines stop loss?

• Options levels
• Bank Nifty future levels
• At that level check option price and keep that as an SL
• Rely on theta decay to help you
• This will lower your SL further
Importance of IV according to @Mitesh_Engr Sir

• Doesn't serve much purpose
• When news is priced in option premium cools
• Don't be fooled by twitter gurus
Importance of Greeks according to @Mitesh_Engr Sir 😂🔥
What @Mitesh_Engr Sir doesn't do

• Play strategies
• Doesn't believe in Greeks

What @Mitesh_Engr Sir does do
• Remember levels of stock/index
• Simple trading
Is Option selling limited profit? Look at @Mitesh_Engr Sir's explanation and think again.

Making 2X of his original capital per month now.
Power of BRUTAL compounding 🔥
Killer tweets by @Mitesh_Engr

Faster than a cheetah 🐆 surely.
@Mitesh_Engr Sir has no limits

• Doesn't have any metal blocks like 1% per week
• Aims high
This was an introductory thread on how @Mitesh_Engr Sir trades positionally.

@niki_poojary and @AdityaTodmal will be making more threads on how Mitesh Sir trades

• Futures
• Expiry Trading etc etc

Keep an eye out for those threads.

Happy learning to everyone!


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Curated tweets of @sourabhsiso19

Found awesome content: ⏬
1. Moneycontrol
2. Bank nifty Strangles/Straddles
3. Learnings
4. Expiry Trading
5. Directional trading
6. Long Term Investing
7. Pivot system
8. DHS pattern
9. Multiple trade management threads/ways.

Moneycontrol article on @sourabhsiso19

What Sourabh does and how to trade like him?

Why trade multiple systems? ⏬
1. Keeps drawdown at minimum.
2. Strong money management can be applied.
3. Better psychology.

Thread on how options allow you to change your positions in a dynamic manner.

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