A Thread on the Boss himself @Mitesh_Engr

Sir's Positional Option Selling 101:

• How to find direction
• Which options to sell
• How to deploy capital
• Exit criteria
• What ROI he targets weekly
• What % risk he takes

Done with the help of @niki_poojary

How @Mitesh_Engr Sir finds the direction?

• Daily charts S/R
• 75 min charts S/R
• Intraday trend
• Always play directional
• Never trades in strategies
Which options to sell in weekly expiry according to @Mitesh_Engr?

• Weekly candle High/Low
• Sell 1% away options from those
• Exit when levels breached
Position Sizing by @Mitesh_Engr Sir.

How to deploy your capital?

• First sell 20%
• Pyramid the next day
• When to exit
• What to do when view goes wrong
• What to do with idle capital
Some important tweets of @Mitesh_Engr Sir

• What Data to look at
• ROI for safe players per month
• Max risk per day
• Gather knowledge and play directional
• Never play strategies
What kind of returns should traders expect according to @Mitesh_Engr

• Monthly 2% easily via index options
• With little risk 4-5%
• Beginners weekly target - 0.5%
• Consistency
• Trade fearlessly later
Important points by @Mitesh_Engr Sir

• Never average losers
• Remember levels of stocks
• Cut losses immediately
• Overnight positions - Control position sizing/ hedge
How @Mitesh_Engr Sir determines stop loss?

• Options levels
• Bank Nifty future levels
• At that level check option price and keep that as an SL
• Rely on theta decay to help you
• This will lower your SL further
Importance of IV according to @Mitesh_Engr Sir

• Doesn't serve much purpose
• When news is priced in option premium cools
• Don't be fooled by twitter gurus
Importance of Greeks according to @Mitesh_Engr Sir 😂🔥
What @Mitesh_Engr Sir doesn't do

• Play strategies
• Doesn't believe in Greeks

What @Mitesh_Engr Sir does do
• Remember levels of stock/index
• Simple trading
Is Option selling limited profit? Look at @Mitesh_Engr Sir's explanation and think again.

Making 2X of his original capital per month now.
Power of BRUTAL compounding 🔥
Killer tweets by @Mitesh_Engr

Faster than a cheetah 🐆 surely.
@Mitesh_Engr Sir has no limits

• Doesn't have any metal blocks like 1% per week
• Aims high
This was an introductory thread on how @Mitesh_Engr Sir trades positionally.

@niki_poojary and @AdityaTodmal will be making more threads on how Mitesh Sir trades

• Futures
• Expiry Trading etc etc

Keep an eye out for those threads.

Happy learning to everyone!


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A THREAD ON @SarangSood

Decoded his way of analysis/logics for everyone to easily understand.

Have covered:
1. Analysis of volatility, how to foresee/signs.
2. Workbook
3. When to sell options
4. Diff category of days
5. How movement of option prices tell us what will happen

1. Keeps following volatility super closely.

Makes 7-8 different strategies to give him a sense of what's going on.

Whichever gives highest profit he trades in.

2. Theta falls when market moves.
Falls where market is headed towards not on our original position.

3. If you're an options seller then sell only when volatility is dropping, there is a high probability of you making the right trade and getting profit as a result

He believes in a market operator, if market mover sells volatility Sarang Sir joins him.

4. Theta decay vs Fall in vega

Sell when Vega is falling rather than for theta decay. You won't be trapped and higher probability of making profit.