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I wrote 30 Twitter threads in 30 days.

The goal?

Learn how to craft interesting threads, and grow a following. It (mostly) worked.

- New followers: +2.5K (+100% MoM)
- Top thread: 373K impressions
- Top tweet: 2.5K likes

Here's what I learned. Quick thread 👇👇

To start, here's the most popular thread I've written.

Thoughts on what made it work, below.

1. Quality

The threads that performed best were (usually) the ones I put the most effort into.

One example is this one about Jeff Bezos's origins. I spent hours researching and drafting it.

It's worth taking the time to craft your

2. Timeliness

Capitalizing on the news can be one way to expand viewership.

When Fornite launched its #FreeFortnite campaign, I wrote this thread.

At the time, it was my 2nd best performing thread. It also introduced me to the lovely

3. Narrative Arc

Have a clear start and end in your mind.

I made this mistake with a few Amazon threads. I thought because my first one worked, I could keep the story going. But they didn't have as clear a narrative arc and were much less popular.
Great bit of journalism here by Sophia :) fun fact, we had some verrrrry interesting conversations about what exactly the Trump campaign might be doing on TikTok.

So let’s talk about that!

Super glad I could be of help btw :P

Anyhoo: my background = senior web dev, data analysis a specialty, worked in online marketing/advertising a while back

You’ve got this big TikTok account that’s ostensibly all volunteer, just promoting Trump’s app because they’re politically minded and all that.

Noooooope. They’re being paid.

Sophia says it’s just possible (journalist speak I assume) but I know exactly what I’m looking at and these guys, Conservative Hype House, are getting paid to drive traffic and app installs for Trump.

So how do you know that, Claire?

Welp, they’re using an ad tracking system that has codes assigned to specific affiliates or incoming marketing channels. These are always ALWAYS used to track metrics for which the affiliate is getting paid.
Enter the thread if you dare. 😈

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1/ Creating content on Twitter can be difficult. A thread on the stack of tools I use to make my life easier

2/ Thread writing

Chirr app

Price: Free

What I like: has a nice blank space for drafting and a good auto-numbering feature

What I don't: have to copy and paste tweets into Twitter after thread is drafted and can't add pics

3/ Video editing


Price: Free

What I like: great at pulling vids from youtube/twitter and overlaying captions + different audio on them

What I don't: Can't edit content older than 2 days on the free plan

4/ Meme making


Price: Free

What I like: easiest way to caption existing meme formats, quickly

What I don't: limited fonts

5/ Inspiration

iPhone notes app

Price: Free

What I like: no frills & easily accessible. every thread i write starts as an idea in notes

What I don't: difficult to organize
As we wait for the transition of power from despot to democrat, Facebook (Zuckerberg) has taken it upon itself to aid in the obstruction of that power transfer, facilitation of an insurrection narrative and disregard for the will of the American electorate.

In other words, the Social Media monopoly Facebook commands globally has gone full fascist in an attempt to preserve the corrupt and criminal hold on power by Republicans and Trump Administration.

Aiding and abetting a coup d’état.

As if there weren’t enough other reasons to dismantle Facebook’s monopoly, Zuckerberg is playing his cards and revealing clearly that Cambridge Analytica election interference was not just a onetime anomaly, but is now a feature of Facebook’s business model.

Megalomaniac Marc has now revealed the true colours of Fascist Facebook.

Facebook is a weapon to manipulate the masses. A tool to carry out disinformation campaigns with impunity.

And the response of the left... is to delete their Facebook account.

As if the deletion of a Facebook account will do anything. It might send a message that your virtues are principled, your morality superior. But it enables the weapon to be continued to gaslight and manipulate the electorate.

An inherent flaw in the left’s critical thinking.