I recently found out I'm going to be a father.

Here are the principles I want to teach my child to live by:

Be Interested

Talent is overrated—interest is not.

Interested people are prone to giving their deep attention to something to discover more about it.

They ask questions, listen, & observe. They open up to the world around them.

Being interested is a key to a fulfilling life.
Different is Beautiful

Growing up, I feared being different—I desperately wanted to fit in.

I made bad decisions grounded in insecurity.

I only realized later: being different is your edge—your ultimate competitive advantage.

No one can compete with you, at being you.
Work Hard

If you want to accomplish anything in life, you have to work hard.

Don't believe the hype. Hard work isn't the sexy, flashy Instagram posts saying "rise & grind”—it's the ugly, painful effort in the dark, when no one is watching.

If you want something, go get it.
Show Up in the Darkest Hour

It's easy to be there for people to celebrate their wins.

It takes character to show up for them in their darkest hour.

People never forget who supported them when the chips were down.

Be the friend who is always there—in good times and bad.
Change Your Mind

Willingness to change one's mind is a rarity in today's society.

It's great to have a strong view, but always open your mind to counterarguments.

Stubborn objection to alternative perspectives stalls progress.

Strive for strong opinions, weakly held.
Operate in Your Zone of Genius

Your Zone of Genius is where your interests, passions and skills align.

Operating in your Zone of Genius means playing games you are uniquely well-suited to win.

Once you identify it, you can stop playing *their* games and start playing *yours*. https://t.co/L5yFgR9vX0
Be Kind to Others

Kindness remains severely underrated.

It fosters relationships, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves overall happiness.

When you are consistently, genuinely kind, you become a magnet for the highest-quality people.
Be Accountable

Life isn't fair. It's a troubling reality.

But instead of wasting energy on every obstacle in your way, focus on what you can control and how you can break through the wall.

Stop looking out. Look in.

Own your s***.
Listen More & Argue Less

Have you noticed that the most argumentative people rarely persuade anyone?

The most persuasive people don’t argue—they observe, listen, and ask questions.

Argue less, persuade more.

Persuasion is an art that requires a paintbrush, not a sledgehammer.
Follow Your Curiosity

Humans are born with astonishing curiosity. But somewhere along the way, we're told to stop asking questions.

Push back.

Learn to follow your curiosity—trust it.

For the curious mind, anything is possible. Fortune favors the curious.
Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed

A little push goes a long way. Don't sit back and wait for good things to happen.

If you want something—and you’ve put in the work for it—ask for it.

Worst case: you’re told no and nothing has changed.

Best case: it’s yours.
Never Get Too Big to Do the Small

The leaders of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team famously stay late to sweep the shed after a match.

Whether you're in the mailroom or the corner office, never get too big to do the small things well.

Small things become big things.
Be Present

With the rise of technology—and the instant access to dopamine that it has provided—the ability to be truly present has become a rarity.

When you’re with someone—whether a business contact, friend, or partner—be WITH them.

Put the phone down.
Be Antifragile

In Greek mythology, the Hydra is a creature that has multiple heads. When 1 head is cut off, 2 grow back in its place.

Life is random and chaotic.

Don't be broken by the chaos—rather, adopt a mentality and build structure such that you will benefit from it.
Don't Be Afraid to Get Punched in the Face

You have to fail more to succeed more.

Our greatest moments of growth often stem directly from our greatest failures.

Don’t fear failure, just learn to fail smart and fast.

Getting punched in the face builds a strong jaw.
Play Long-Term Games

Life is the ultimate long game.

Those with low time preference play it more effectively—they happily delay gratification to allow compounding to work its magic.

In a world of people seeking instant gratification, this is a meaningful edge.
Adopt a Positive Sum Mentality

Want to get ahead in life? Start genuinely rooting for others to succeed.

When one of us wins, we all win—winning spreads.

If you adopt that mentality, you’ll become a magnet for the highest quality people.
Embrace "I Don't Know"

Know what you know—and what you don't.

"I don't know" isn't a failure, it's a motivator—saying it should inspire you to learn.

No one likes a know-it-all...be a don't-know-it-all.
Stand Up to Bullies

In life, you're going to encounter a lot of bullies—some loud and in your face, some quiet and behind your back.

You may even feel pressure to become one to fit in (I sadly did). Insecurity breeds bullies.

Stand up to them—for yourself and for others.
Be Vulnerable

The stigma of vulnerability has been broken. It’s ok to admit we aren’t ok.

Strength comes from opening up to our vulnerabilities—embracing them, owning them, and growing through them.

Want to get strong? Get vulnerable first.
Love Deeply

Life is so damn short—never take it for granted. Tell people you love them before it's too late.

Love fiercely. Love deeply.

All we need is love.

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