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#RS is an indicator which helps in finding strong stock or index in the market.

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Shared some strategy.

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Most of us would confuse it with Relative Strength Index (RSI) but Relative Strength is a different indicator.

We have already covered about "Uses of RSI" in below thread👇

One can go through this if you haven't.


Now coming to Relative Strength (RS).

It is basically a strategy used in momentum investing which shows strength or weakness between two asset classes (two stocks, index, commodity).

One can read about this in below

As of now, I am using this indicator on .@tradingview platform.

It's free and one can add it in their Tradingview account as well, using this link👇

There are multiple variants in this as well. Some traders use multiple time frame RS.


RS basically compares returns of one stock/index with the returns of benchmark stock/index at a particular time horizon.

Let's say, I want to analyze TCS and Benchmark Index is Nifty.

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