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“Hey, CivilWarHumor, have we been here before -- an inauguration beset with assassination plots and insurrection, with doubts raised about the loyalty of law enforcement, troops, and even congresspeople?”

Of course! But back then, Winfield Scott was on the case.


Yesterday I posted Scott’s heartwarming quote about “manuring the hills of Arlington” with the bodies of anyone who disrupted the counting of electoral votes. Scott, the 74-year-old VIRGINIAN-born Army chief, was one of the few in the build-up to the Civil War who GOT IT.

Scott is oft-derided as old or gout-ridden or gluttonous (hey, he was America’s first true gourmand). But in the waning days of Buchanan’s administration, when dark plots swirled in the halls of the Capitol, Scott stood virtually alone -- and made DAMN SURE Lincoln got sworn in.

The most famous story from this tense time is Scott offering the defense of Washington DC to Robert E. Lee, regarded by his peers as the best in the biz, who turned it down and asked if he could stay on the sidelines. “I have no place in my Army for equivocal men,” Scott replied.

In late December 1860, as federal troops moved into Fort Sumter and passions flared, Buchanan finally forced out his traitorous Sec of War, John B. Floyd. Here’s a thread I did about Floyd recently, cuz WhO CoULd HaVe SeEn ThIs
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Mongol named Temujin in his early 40s had risen to the title of Genghis Khan/ Oceanic Khan because of his bravery & warfare skills,he ruled Karakorum on the banks of Onon river

Genghis travelled 4k miles from Mongolia to Baghdad to avenge the cruel & foul tactics used by Turko-Persian muzlim Khwarazmian empire of Samarkand to convert Mongols,Turks,Uzbeks,Tajiks,
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Mongols in revenge, slaughtered them far more ruthlessly by millions at Tabriz,Shiraz & Baghdad.

By 1225, Genghis Khan ruled everything between the Caspian Sea & Beijing. At age 65, while leading the war against Tangut, Genghis fell off his horse & died in 1227.
His grandson Hulagu Khan Khan defeated Caliph Musta’sim & burned everything in Baghdad.

The caliphate that had lasted 525 years with 37 Caliphs starting with Abu Bakr came to an end as if it was a retribution for torturing & humiliating the Persian Emperor Yazdgard in 637 in the same city then called Ctesiphon.
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