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If you are confused trading terms, but beginner and advanced, Read this thread.

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The above Explains

1. Basics of Volume Profile. No need to Panics if you don't understand VP, just understand the definition for now.

2. Explains DOM, Deviation and Liquidity Grab.

Please take the time to read the above slowly and carefully.

Deviation explanation here.👇
Cheat Sheet 2.

Explains Basic price patterns and price movements explained.
I am adding a screenshot of the DOM to show how Bid, Ask and Orders look like.

This will explain what everything on an limit order book means.
Cheat Sheet 3.

A few advanced words about trading.
Cheat Sheet 4.

This contains the miscellaneous words that traders need to know.

You can download the cheat sheets and refer it often.
I hope the above cheat sheets help you in understanding a few words.

Don't worry if you still have doubts, it will all be click in future threads. Please share the above thread with everyone that you can. 🤝🤝
Read the cheat Sheet and post questions below

Thanks to Delta for Collaborating and making the threads possible through my assistant.

I promise to keep the best trading tutorials as fast as possible.🚀

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