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12 TRADING SETUPS which experts are using.

These setups I found from the following 4 accounts:

1. @Pathik_Trader
2. @sourabhsiso19
3. @ITRADE191
4. @DillikiBiili

Share for the benefit of everyone.

Here are the setups from @Pathik_Trader Sir first.

1. Open Drive (Intraday Setup explained)

Bactesting results of Open Drive

2. Two Price Action setups to get good long side trade for intraday.

1. PDC Acts as Support
2. PDH Acts as

Example of PDC/PDH Setup given
Curated tweets of @sourabhsiso19

Found awesome content: ⏬
1. Moneycontrol
2. Bank nifty Strangles/Straddles
3. Learnings
4. Expiry Trading
5. Directional trading
6. Long Term Investing
7. Pivot system
8. DHS pattern
9. Multiple trade management threads/ways.

Moneycontrol article on @sourabhsiso19

What Sourabh does and how to trade like him?

Why trade multiple systems? ⏬
1. Keeps drawdown at minimum.
2. Strong money management can be applied.
3. Better psychology.

Thread on how options allow you to change your positions in a dynamic manner.
Compilation of the best learnings from @BankniftyA through his tweets.

Have compiled his:

1. Expiry day trading.
2. Trade logics.
3. Multiple Charts analysis.
3. BTST criteria for stocks.

Share if you find it helpful so that everyone can benefit.

A pdf of his moneycontrol article where you can read about his journey and how he trades.

Advice on how to not let your mood influence your decisions.

Expiry day Trading:

How to become better?

When I had spoken to him on phone he advised me to backtest all expiries and rigorously practice them again and again to develop conviction. Superb advice!

Acts based on support and resistance levels from charts
I'm working out on a Portfolio for 3 years and I feel it can provide 2x- 3x returns till March 2024.

I've covered 6 stocks today and working on 3-4 more Stocks. Though, I've checked each aspect but 👇

** You still need to keep a track of fundamentals every quarter**

#Stock No 1

#BlackRose Ind ( Chemical)

MCAP 829 Cr
Fundamentals 👌🏻
Technical 💪🏻

Already covered Business and Financial previously and can check again below. Stocks hasn't run up in recent

#Stock No 2

#IEX (Platform Business)

MCAP 10,162 Cr
Fundamentals 👌🏻
Technical 💪🏻

This is also covered preciously and can check detailed thread on below

#Stock No 3

#Gland ( Pharmaceutical)

MCAP 39,447 Cr
Stock PE 51.9
ROCE. 30.2%
ROE 23.4%

**Major revenue comes from B2B
**Quality products
**Aim to file 20-25 ANDA each year
** Positive Management & great future outlook

#Stock No 4

#happiestminds ( IT)

MCP 7,675 Cr
Stock PE 53.7
ROCE 42.8%
ROE 83%

**Strong & experienced Management & Promotors
**OPM % has increased from 4% to 27% from Dec'19 to Dec'20.
**Significant improvement in Net cash flow
**Positive Commentry on Future outlook