Ever wonder how traders get in stocks before they explode? 🧐

Or find options that move 1,000% in a single day/week?🤯

I made a thread going over exactly how I find these stocks BEFORE they take off 🚀

So, let's start with the software I use…

Finviz!! Finviz is a free website that I use to scan for stocks.

They have a lot of other cool features as well, but I only use their scanner.
Head on over to finviz and go to the screener

Click on the “All” tab on the top and put in the criteria in the next tweet
This is the first scan that I use for bullish swing setups
✅Quarter +10%
✅Week Down
✅Vol over 400k
✅Price > $20
The next scan I use is the opposite of the first one.

Simply change:
✅Quarter +10% to -10%
✅Week Down to Week up

This is my bearish scan for swing setups. 👇
The next two scans are very similar. I simply change “Quarter” with “Month”.

That’s it! I like to keep my scanning setups simple.

But over 400 stocks show up, how do I go through them?

I’ll show ya 👇
After I put in my criteria, I go to the charts tab on the bottom. This will bring up a chart on finviz of every stock that fits my scan criteria. Then I simply glance through all the charts, looking to see if price is about to reach into a demand/supply zone
If I see a stock that looks like my setup (refer to my pinned tweet to see my setup) I will add it to my trading-view watchlist and go over it more in-depth to see if it fits my trading setup criteria.

I also check out the options on the stocks to see if there is enough volume.

I only like trading stocks with decent options volume and relatively tight spreads.

Wide spreads = bigger losses 👎
The scans I mentioned are what I use to find swing trades that typically last 1-5 days. I am constantly looking for new scans and methods of searching for my setup. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes, so there’s no need to spend hours going through hundreds of stocks
Well, I hope you enjoyed my thread on finding/scanning for stocks

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Now go find the next $GME 🚀😂

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Due Diligence Thread 🚨👇

In this thread I will be revealing to you guys my step by step process on how I do my due diligence on any ticker along with the process of how I find good setups and what resources and websites do I use to do it.

Step 1: Finding Good Chart Setups (continued)

Attached below is my personal finviz screener settings which I use to look at charts and how I
change some of the settings to my own preferences.
Site Reference:

PS: Sometimes I don't even select any pattern

My favorite bullish chart setups that I personally look out for initiating swing positions:
1-) Falling Wedge Pattern
2-) Ascending Triangle Pattern
3-) Fish Hook / Oversold Bounce Pattern
4-) Channel Up Pattern
5-) Descending Triangle Breakout Pattern ( Towards Upside)

Step 2: Checking for Offerings

Once I have found a good chart, with a high risk reward ratio, the immediate first thing that I
do is to look out for any signs of upcoming offering. Since I don’t want to get caught in
offerings , these are the two things that I lookout for.

Step 2: Checking for Offerings (continued)
1-) Firstly, I look for whether the company had made any recent offerings in the last two months, if yes then there are less chances of new offerings.

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