Crowd Control 101:

Ditch the 'does the crowd like me?' mentality.

Adopt the 'do I like the crowd?' mentality.

This mindset shift makes you feel more in control & powerful.

Here are a few more bonus tips for crowd control.

These tips will have you showing the audience that you control the room.

Every audience likes it when the speaker takes charge.

Use these moves in your next speech & dominate the big stage like a superstar!
1. Wait a few seconds before starting

Starting immediately makes you look needy.

The few second wait will builds hype & keeps the control in your favor.

'How long do you typically take?'

I take around 5-7 seconds to build the hype.

Find your sweet spot.
2. Take pauses

Many beginning speakers are terrified of pauses.

They think they will be exposed as a fraud whenever there is silence.


Pauses sound longer to you than it does for the audience.

An audience loves a speaker who pauses rather than a turbo talker.
3. Body Language

Your body is crucial to delivery.

Luckily you always have control over it.

As you begin, your body may become smaller, you will cover your torso more, and will look down.


Chest out, chin up, open palms, strong eye contact & walk with purpose soldier.
4. Jokes

Nothing shows more confidence than cracking a few jokes on the big stage.

Everyone loves some good humor.

Want to know a secret?

You can pretty much say anything with a smile & light-hearted tonality & the audience will be eager to laugh.

Delivery is key.
These are 4 tips that you can begin implementing today.

Choose the tips that apply the best to the context of your speech.

Every time you get on the stage is a chance to improve.

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