Rani Gaidinliu joined the freedom struggle at 13 &was sentenced to life imprisonment at 16."We r free people—the White should not rule over us.”Thus calling out to her Zeliangrong tribesmen was the voice of 13yr-old Rani Gaidinliu.

She joined the freedom struggle in the present-day Northeast India. Today, her struggle is lost in history as most of her countrymen wouldn’t even have heard her name. B'coz our history textbooks tell us that only Mahatma Gandhi &Pandit Nehru got India its Independence.
At 16 yrs of age, this valiant girl was sentenced to life imprisonment for leading a movement to drive out the colonial rulers from Manipur and Nagaland. Nevertheless, she was released in 1947 after India’s independence and was given the title ,"Rani of Nagas".

Gaidinliu belonged to the Rongmei clan of the Zeliangrong tribe in the Tamenglong district of western Manipur. Born on January 26, 1915, she was fifth among eight children.
Her native village was Nungkao, which is present day Tamenglong distt. Brought up in a specially backward region,she couldn't receive any formal education. However,this didn't stop her from joining the freedom struggle. At the age of 10 she came under the influence of her cousin.
Her cousin Haipou Jadonang,was then leading a socio-political movement called 'Heraka' meaning 'Pure',seeking to drive out British from the region.Movement took inspiration from ancestral Naga https://t.co/ild0YVgJ7v span of 6 yrs he gathered strong support from various tribes...
..and emerged as a strong voice of opposition against the foreign https://t.co/lEDa8DXquY feb 1931,he was arrested and in a fake trial by British was found guilty and was hanged on 29 Aug 1931at Imphal jail. Meanwhile, Gaidinliu become a strong force in the Heraka movement.
She started leading guerrilla attacks on the British forces. With the death of Jadonang, the leadership of the Heraka movement fell upon Gaidinliu, who was barely 16 at that time.


After her brother's death, she began to rebel against the British rule.
She asked fellow tribemen to refuse to pay tax &called out for https://t.co/6LzGyKjmdc her work against foreigners,she was assisted by donations from local Naga community.When she got majority on her side,refusing to cooperate with British,she posed a huge threat to Colonial rule
As a result,British launched a manhunt or rather I should say womanhunt to capture her,with monetary reward going to anyone who gave reliable info. Despite these efforts by authorities,she evaded arrest by moving across regions of Assam,Nagaland &Manipur with her loyal followers.
In early 1932,her forces engaged in Armed combat with Assam Rifles in North Cachar hills & Hangrum village. With her dissent growing, the British assigned a special troop of Assam Rifles led by Cap. McDonald to arrest Gaidinliu.
As soon as Cap. got the info of Gaidinliu located in a village called Pulomi, he launched a surprise attack and she with her followers were captured on Oct 17,1932.She was handcuffed and taken on foot to Kohima & later tried in Imphal. Her trial went on for 10 mnths.
After the trial,she was falsely convicted of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. From 1933-1947,she served time at Guwahati,Shillong,Aizawl &Tura jails.
In Northeast,Rani Gaidinliu was leader of her own people.Even after her release,she worked to empower &uplift weak.
In 1966,she orgainsed a resistance movement against Naga National Council,which led insurgents. However,today many Nagas choose not to acknowledge her.Despite this,she was recognized as a freedom fighter &was awarded Tamrapatra in 1972&was felicitated with Padma Bhushan in 1982.
In 1993, Gaidiniu died in disappointment as the govt couldn't fulfil the promises of making a separate 'Zaliangrong Administrative Unit' under the Union of India. Only a stamp was released in her memory in 1994.
She was a strong willed Woman of Substance,who dared to challenge the Might of British Empire &India doesn't even know this brave child of hers.Even today her sacrifice remains unknown to most of us.
We must know the actual freedom fighters of Bharat Mata &know our true history.

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Whenever we chant a Mantra in Sanskrit, it starts with 'Om' and mostly ends with 'Swaha' or 'Namaha'. This specific alignment of words has a specific meaning to it which is explained in Dharma Shastra.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred syllable or sacred word. But Mantras r not just words put together,they r also vibrations.The whole Universe is a cosmic energy in different states of vibration &this energy in different states of vibration forms the objects of Universe.

According to Scriptures,Om is considered to be ekaakshar Brahman,which means Om is the ruler of 3 properties of creator,preserver&destroyer which make the
https://t.co/lyhkWeCdtv is also seen as a symbol of Lord Ganesha, as when starting the prayer,it's him who is worshipped 1st.

'Om' is the sound of the Universe. It's the first original vibration of the nothingness through which manifested the whole Cosmos. It represents the birth, death and rebirth process. Chanting 'Om' brings us into harmonic resonance with the Universe. It is a scientific fact.

Therefore, Mantras are described as vibrational words that are recited, spoken or sung and are invoked towards attaining some very specific results. They make very specific sounds at a frequency that conveys a directive into our subconcious.
राम-रावण युद्ध समाप्त हो चुका था। जगत को त्रास देने वाला रावण अपने कुटुम्ब सहित नष्ट हो चुका था।श्रीराम का राज्याभिषेक हुआ और अयोध्या नरेश श्री राम के नेतृत्व में चारों दिशाओं में शन्ति थी।
अंगद को विदा करते समय राम रो पड़े थे ।हनुमान को विदा करने की शक्ति तो राम में थी ही नहीं ।

माता सीता भी हनुमान को पुत्रवत मानती थी। अत: हनुमान अयोध्या में ही रह गए ।राम दिनभर दरबार में, शासन व्यवस्था में व्यस्त रहते थे। संध्या को जब शासकीय कार्यों में छूट मिलती तो गुरु और माताओं का कुशल-मंगल पूछ अपने कक्ष में जाते थे। परंतु हनुमान जी हमेशा उनके पीछे-पीछे ही रहते थे ।

उनकी उपस्थिति में ही सारा परिवार बहुत देर तक जी भर बातें करता ।फिर भरत को ध्यान आया कि भैया-भाभी को भी एकांत मिलना चाहिए ।उर्मिला को देख भी उनके मन में हूक उठती थी कि इस पतिव्रता को भी अपने पति का सानिध्य चाहिए ।

एक दिन भरत ने हनुमान जी से कहा,"हे पवनपुत्र! सीता भाभी को राम भैया के साथ एकांत में रहने का भी अधिकार प्राप्त है ।क्या आपको उनके माथे पर सिन्दूर नहीं दिखता?इसलिए संध्या पश्चात आप राम भैया को कृप्या अकेला छोड़ दिया करें "।
ये सुनकर हनुमान आश्चर्यचकित रह गए और सीता माता के पास गए ।

माता से हनुमान ने पूछा,"माता आप अपने माथे पर सिन्दूर क्यों लगाती हैं।" यह सुनकर सीता माता बोलीं,"स्त्री अपने माथे पर सिन्दूर लगाती है तो उसके पति की आयु में वृद्धि होती है और वह स्वस्थ रहते हैं "। फिर हनुमान जी प्रभु राम के पास गए ।

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