A relationship begins to get stiff when excessive patterns begin to form.

Too many patterns leads to a boring, predictable, logical lifestyle.

Get the emotions involved.

Do something spontaneous out of the blue moon & flip the script.

'What's wrong with the patterns?'

Nothing is wrong with patterns.

However, there is a problem when all you have are patterns.

It's boring.

'Can you explain why?'

Sure 👇
The thing with relationships is that it's meant to be an emotional experience.

It's very difficult to logically explain love, right?


Well this is where you want to steer the ship the right way.

1. Too emotional is bad.

2. Too logical is bad.

Let me break it down.
1. Too emotional

If a relationship is completely ruled by emotions, then it's too volatile.

You will never reach productivity if you are aimlessly only following each others emotions.

This lifestyle tarnishes any structure for the couple.

'So why do people do it?'
Because it's fun.

You may ruled by this stage in the honeymoon phase.


You'll be so spontaneous that it almost becomes a lifestyle.

But it's hard to level up your life when you're too spontaneous.

1. Too logical

This happens later on in the relationship.

You 2 have gotten to know each other.

Got the honeymoon phase out of the way.


All you do is the same shit.

Day in & day out.


'So why do people do this if it's so bad?'

Few reasons.
But the main reason is due to being content.

You feel like you two have already gotten each other.

No more need to spice it up.


The zest you once had becomes bland.

A bland relationship is one of the leading causes of breakups.

What was once magical is no more.
'Oh no!! I went thru the overly emotional phase & now I'm in the overly logical phase.'

Uh oh.

'What do I do?'

You flip the script homie!

I'm not going to give you activities, that's something you can do research on your own.

But I do want to give a solid piece of advice.
'And what is that mister?'

Always keep romancing one another.

Do not be content.

You should always be courting the person you're dating.

'Ah so no contentment?'

Do not view this as a chore because then you will fail.

Just have fun with it.

'Any example?'

If you got your work done for the day, take your partner to the beach at night to just chill.

'So I don't have to spend money?'

You can, but don't have to.
It's about finding a solid balance between having structure & keeping each others emotions engaged with spontaneity.

By doing this you have a balance that keeps the magic alive.

Plus, there is one more bonus.

'Which is?'

Your love strengthens.

Powerful stuff.

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