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It is very well known that Babur considered Krishna Dev Raya as the strongest ruler of the entire subcontinent, and Vijayanagar empire the strongest during that time in India.


The Vijayanagar empire reached its peak during 1509-1529 around the reign of Krishna Dev Raya.

Vijayanagar’s famed elephant brigade 👇

At his command there were over 50000 elite troops with a regiment of Portuguese gunners and 3200 cavalry with 600 elephants.

Along with that more than four hundred thousand ( four lakh) peasant levies and irregular military made this empire one of the largest in all of South Asia.

A typical Vijayanagar levie soldier 👇

During Baburs invasion, Krishna Dev Raya ruled supreme in all of deccan.

In fact, in an all our brawl, Krisha Dev Raya will beat Babur fair and square.

Babur could muster at max 50000 troops with 50 canons.

While Krishna Dev Raya had these numbers in Hampi alone

The only monopoly that Babur has is his canons because of which he defeated Lodhi.

But I don’t think it will matter that much as Krishna dev Raya defeated The Bijapur sultan Ishmael Adil Shah who had, believe me, over 900 Canons.

Even if let's say the number is 10 times wrong, that still makes Ishmael Adil Shah the man with over 90 guns, that still is double the amount of what Babur had.

And the Vijayanagar army won a decisive battle against a better opponent.

All these factors along with their pre eminent rule of the deccan for more than 250 +years makes them overall superior to the Mughals till Akbar comes into consideration.

Babur wasn't afraid of Lodhi, and respected Shri Rana Sangha for his Courage and Valour. It is well known that he sacrificed wine to God so that he may win an unwinnable war against the great Rajput king.

But Krishna Dev Raya was the only king that would Make the first Mughal think twice before engaging.

If you would like to read about Indian history from and Indic perspective then do check out : https://t.co/0HkzNMEq40

Info credit - Tarang Sir
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