Manipulation Sign:

If you are compromising too much, there is a chance that you are getting manipulated.

Why are you the one that's always compromising?

How come the other person always gets their way?

Be more curious.

If something seems off, stick up for yourself.

'Wait, you sure I am being manipulated?'

I have no clue, that is only something that you can decide for yourself.

'Dang is there anything I need to look out for?'


But let me give you a few things to look out for.

I see manipulation as skillfully controlling someone's behavior for egotistical or unethical purposes.

'How come people don't leave when it's happening to them?'

Because most people have 0 clue that they are being manipulated.
1. Guilt Trip

You ever made a mistake around someone, only for them to hold it over your head?

The will always bring up the mistake when you 2 are not seeing eye to eye.

These people will use that mistake as leverage to get what they want from you in the future.

Look out.
2. The Rationalizer

This person will commit the worst acts & find a way to rationalize it.

Example: cheaters when they get caught.

They have every excuse in the book for why they did it.

Heck, they are so good at rationalizing, they will make it seem like your fault.
3. Seducer

This person will always bust out flirty, seduction tactics to get what they want.

They will bust out these moves when they did something devious so you forget what they just did.


The weak-minded fools let their temptations overpower their judgment.
4. 'Confused'

By far one of the hardest ones to spot.

This person always plays dumb.

They play dumb so much that you start believing they are dumb.

But no!

They are playing dumb for a malicious reason.

Playing dumb to get something out of you

Listen to your gut on this one
5. The Shame Artist

Ah.. the shamer.

Always being a virtue signaling shithead.

Never mind their mistakes they say.

They just focus on yours.

Shamers reduce their targets self-esteem & then toy with them like a puppet.
6. The liar but not really..

These people don't technically lie.

But they leave out crucial information.

They strategically leave out information in order to paint a narrative.

The narrative is set to paint them as some saint & you as someone who is worried about nothing.
7. Gaslighter

So many fall victims to this that its sad.

This group will yo-yo your emotions.

One second they are showing you all the love in the world.

Next second?

Colder than the movie Frozen.


Seriously, these people cannot be fixed.

Rotten to the core.
8. Oh look a bird!


When these people get caught doing something shady, they are MASTERS in diverting attention.

I've seen someone once lie and say their mom had a 'fatal' sickness when they were caught red-handed.

They have 0 integrity when diverting attention.
9. Soo innocent

You ever met someone who was always beefing, but seemed soo sweet?

All an act.

This person knows exactly how to act like a sweet little angel.

They know how to leverage this innocence to get what they want.

But in reality, a demon hides behind that angel face
10. Anger

By far the scariest one for many.

This group unleashes their anger at anyone that comes at them.


They leave their victim too scared to ever call them out, even when they did something wrong.

Toxic people.
'My goodness! I know so many people like that...'

Well, now you have a choice.

'And what is that?'

What are you going to do about it?

You are being played.

Are you going to stay & be a victim or muster up enough courage to leave?

The choice is 100% yours.
Whatever you choose, understand that your mental, emotional & spiritual clarity are at stake.

I am looking out for you.

Now, look out for yourself.

No one said the social dynamics world was rainbows & butterflies.

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