Before making ur trade entry or even before making a bias of trend as either bullish or bearish, do u use any objective measures to define the trend based on price, volume and momentum?
Price will always go back and forth move no matter how strong the trend is.


So an objecctive way of defining the trend as bullish or bearish will help u to stay out of counter trend trades which usually not only hit SL, but slippages tend to be quite high in case of those trades. If u dont believe that, u can either check ur journal .

In the pic, an example was shown with objectively defining the price trend based on momenum. If price is bullish then either take long entry while price pulls back on 20 SMA or when it makes a new breakout, its very very safe method.

Even one can use simple MACD for defining the trend. Indicator doesnt have any magic, be it custom made or default one. Trick is in identifying the bias when its quite clear and obvious and not to trade till then.


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