I believe that @ripple_crippler and @looP_rM311_7211 are the same person. I know, nobody believes that. 2/*
Today I want to prove that Mr Pool smile faces mean XRP and price increase. In Ripple_Crippler, previous to Mr Pool existence, smile faces were frequent. They were very similar to the ones Mr Pool posts. The eyes also were usually a couple of "x", in fact, XRP logo. 3/*
The smile XRP-eyed face also appears related to the Moon. XRP going to the Moon. 4/*
And smile XRP-eyed faces also appear related to Egypt. In particular, to the Eye of Horus. https://t.co/i4rRzuQ0gZ 5/*
The right eye was associated to the Sun, as you can see in the previous image; and the left eye was associated to the Moon. If XRP is in the left eye, then, it means XRP on the Moon. So, XRP huge price increase, or the point were you're happy on the Moon due to the XRP price. 6/*
The Eye of Hours also called "wadjet" (an many more) is connected to the economy in Gematria. 7/*
The pirate Cryptographer-1 also suggests that an "x" in an eye means XRP. 8/*
The pirate Independent-developer-1 also suggests that an "x" in an eye means XRP. 9/*
So, in Mr Pool smile XRP-eyed faces also mean XRP huge price increase, XRP on to the Moon. 10/*
Same here, more similar even to the ones Ripple Crippler used to post. 11/*
@bearableguy123 said "Keep your i on the prize". Keep your i/eye/XRP on the final result/prize and in the wallet/cup, not sell your XRP due to the current price, do not associate XRP with current price (before and now). 12/*
In the Bible, Matthew 6:22, the eye is metaphorically the soul of the body. Then, if your eye is XRP, XRP is metaphorically the soul of your body. 13/*
In the Bible, Matthew 6:21, the heart is metaphorically the soul. Let's say the soul is the mind, the consciousness. Your soul/mind/hearth is where you put value. Then, if you put the value, your heart, your mind, in XRP, it transforms itself in a spiritual thing. 14/*
All this can seem strange, of course, I know, but XRP being something spiritual could make sense if changes that are happening and have to happen have also an spiritual dimension, if there is a new Spirit of the Age, the Zeitgeist, and the hearth is digital money or XRP. 15/*
If nothing happens in January (1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26, 1/27, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31) and we keep moving dates ad hoc, haha, then we have February 12-14, 2021, a date that I deduced in July 2020. 16/*
@threadreaderapp unroll for Thoth

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XRP's death. Is XRP dying? 1/*

XRP is also known as the Phoenix, see Ripple's office. 2/*

What's the Phoenix? A bird that cyclically regenerates and it's associated with the Sun. A phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor (SWIFT). Read the link:
https://t.co/jIxANatetR 3/*.

Lately we're seeing a lot of SURPRISED faces in Mr.Pool drops. See what August 15 decrypted message says about the Phoenix, the storm and SURPRISES: "As the storm comes to a SURPRISING and unexpected halt, and the clouds clear out to your own SURPRISE". 4/*

So, if XRP is the Phoenix maybe it has to die before it reborns. Reset. XRP's death -or a big fall- alone, or death combined with reborn could cause such a surprise described in Mr. Pool drops. 5/*

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