I started TRT before the age of 30.

I did it because I wanted to, not because I needed to.

My Total Testosterone Levels (naturally) were just above 700 ng/dl

That's **Good, but not Great**

I wanted to be at 1,000 ng/dl (GREAT)


So, I talked a doctor into prescribing me Testosterone Cypionate.
NO DOCTOR IN AMERICA is going to agree to prescribe TRT to a man who is naturally at 700ng/dl

So, I intentionally crashed my natural T levels down to 300-400 ng/dl, then got bloodwork done

(I intentionally made my natural T levels look far lower than what they really were)
How did I intentionally crash my natural testosterone levels? (to go from 700 nd/dl, to 300-400ng/dl)

Bloodwork was planned for Thursday

Tuesday and Wednesday Night, intentionally get trash quality sleep (balls can't produce testosterone when you are sleep deprived)

Drink a ton of alcohol Wednesday Night (high alcohol consumption suppresses testosterone levels)
Blood was drawn Thursday morning.....about 350ng/dl

Doctor looked at the bloodwork and said

"Yeah, looks like you need TRT.

Inject 100mg of Testosterone Cypionate, every 7 days"
With 700ng/dl of Testosterone, I had high energy for 8-10 hours a day.

With 100ng/dl of Testosterone, I had high energy for 10-12 hours a day.

The benefit was *subtle yet significant*.

If you are naturally at 700ng/dl, you probably should NOT use TRT

If you are below 600ng/dl naturally, you should DEFINITELY CONSIDER TRT
Testosterone Levels Across The Entire Male Population, In America, Have Been Falling For 50 Years

In the 1950s, Total Testosterone of 1,000ng/dl was average.

Today (2010 Forward) Total Testosterone of 1,000ng/dl was average, is 99th percentile.
The mainstream media drastically overstates the risks of TRT, and drastically understates the benefits
One side effect of untreated Low Testosterone, is that you get depressed, and carry out Suicide

There is no recovery from that

The probability of a man with Low Testosterone Induced Depression carrying out Suicide is RATHER HIGH

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