Too much intellect without a sense of self can inflate your ego.

This is why a lot of high IQ people lack social intelligence.

They talk to humans like robots & are baffled when they are resented for it.

This is why the charismatic person who knows less often rises up quicker

'What you smoking bro?? My IQ will be the biggest factor of my success!'


That's a limiting belief.

I'm gonna shake up your paradigm real quick 👇
You have been conditioned your entire life to believe that IQ score alone will dictate success.

And like most people, we were like 'yea, sure!'

But there's few incorrect thought patterns here
1. Success is subjective.

2. IQ exam insinuates intellect is fixed.

3. Your high IQ won't make others give a fuck, your communication will.

Let's go thru each one
1. Success is subjective

What I consider success may not be success for you.

Success it's a mirror image of where you are & where you want to be.

Aka sense of self.

So measuring success starts from looking within, not an exam.
2. IQ insinuates intellect is fixed.

This is so wrong, its comical.

Your brain is malleable.

New neural circuits can be formed whenever you bring the awareness to do so.
True intellect is measured by desire & intent.

With the 2, you can virtually learn anything.

These 2 factors will make practice a lifestyle, not a fad.

Once you can practically apply the subject, reasoning will be a byproduct.
3. Your IQ exam won't others give a fuck.

The biggest elephant in the room.

Why are so many high IQ people good workers while high charismatic people are good leaders?


Ability to deal with people.

Aka: ability to communicate.
'I have high IQ! Therefore, I can easily learn social skills.'


Your high IQ will not dictate your social success.

Your tamed ego will.
Taming your ego is tough when you got a strong intellect because you believe humans should behave logically.

But when you see they are flawed creatures with emotions & an ego, the intellectual thinking goes out the window.
'So what does a charismatic person do?'

They lead with the heart.

This sounds silly to someone with very high IQ & low awareness.

A charismatic person deals with these flawed creatures, gets their point across & comes out respected.
'Can a high IQ person learn social skills & a charismatic person learn technical skills?'


And when you reach middle ground territory, you become deadly as fuck.

You rise on autopilot.

You are flash & substance.
A high IQ person needs to tame their ego to become charismatic.

This requires emotional intelligence & the awareness to accept they don't know shit.

A charismatic person needs desire & intent to learn technical skills.

This requires consistency & practice.
I don't hate on the IQ exam.

Its serves its role.

But the school system only pushed it onto us growing up because measuring technical knowledge via a test is easy.

Measuring drive people skills, drive & emotional control isn't.
Focus on the bigger picture homie.

Intellect is simply a tool, not the end all be all.

Picture this.

Intellect is the car.

☆You put a drunk behind the wheel, you will crash.

☆You put a competent person behind the wheel, you will go where you want to go.

Same with life.
The person DRIVING is your sense of self.

Where are you now & where do you want to go?

Answer these 2 questions & you will be able to choose the info which are most relevant to your life.

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