Your Most PRECIOUS Currencies:








Only give these currencies to high value people. Never spend these currencies on low value shitheads eg: trolls, weasels, snakes, naysayers etc.

'Wait, I thought money was the most important currency?'


Once you adopt abundance mentality, you realize their is no shortage of money.

Making the dollars your most important currency will have you leading an empty life.

Time to flip your perspective.


When you strip yourself to the core, you are an emotional creature.

Emotions are your internal worlds energy.

Harnessing that energy is crucial for leveraging yourself to obtain whatever you want.

You have a finite amount everyday, so spend it wisely.

A second that is lost will never be returned.

You start valuing the hell out of this currency the more you mature.

As the years start adding up, you realize time is precious.

You must always have a scarcity mindset towards time.

Once you do so, you will not be lazy.

You can be here, but not present.

Attention is completely mental.

Giving someone your attention means you are clearing up mental bandwidth to make room for them.

Only give your attention to people who help you grow.

For the negative ones?

Ignore their existence

People get bitten by so many snakes because they make their trust cheaper than Tootsie Rolls.


The more you cheapen your trust, the more you invite toxic energy into your life.


Make it expensive af & make people earn it thru actions, not words.

You will give your love to many people in your life that do not value it.

So what do they do?

They do you dirty.

But no matter what, always keep your head up.

This emotion is powerful af

Avoid the tendency to let past experiences jade your view of the invisible bond.

The more mature, the more loyal people will surprise you.

You mature after you learned the dark truth about the real world.

Most are unloyal.

But avoid falling into the trap of being like them.

Have UNBREAKABLE loyalty to the people who are loyal to you.

The currency that is often misunderstood.

People spend this precious currency on low value people.


Never show respect to racists,haters, snakes etc.

'So be disrespectful?'


Just distance from them.

Give them 0 energy.

That will drive them insane.
You see?

These were the most important currencies all along.

But society wants you to believe its money.

I'm here to tell you that a lie.

When you are on your deathbed, you will not be thinking about your bank account.

'Then what will I be thinking about?'
You will be thinking about your:


▪Your loved ones

▪The person you ended up being

That's what really matters.

That's how you think big picture while everyone else is thinking small.

Change your life forever.

Adopt these currencies as the most important.
Spend these currencies on the right people, projects & events.

And believe it or not, by doing this, the money will come.

Now level up your reality.

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