Article dated 2018.

How's 2021 shaping up, Communist America?

Still allowing Israel to hand over USA's high technology to China?

Dual citizenship = dual loyalty.

Let's recap, because I'm now inclined to do some digging. Let's rewind all the way to just before the Bolshevik Revolution. After Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, there was a provisional government:

Временное правительство России
How was the Bolshevik Revolution financed? "International bankers" do I hear you say?
Gary Allen makes it very clear.
"... by nationalization of Russia the Insiders bought themselves an enormous piece of real estate, complete with mineral rights, for somewhere between $30 and $40 million."

That's a pretty sweet deal.

The "Insiders" being the money men in cahoots with each other, as always...
I have a family history with Milner. His genocidal scorched earth policy in South Africa, resulted in twin great uncles dying of water-borne disease in a British concentration camp, thanks to Milner's policy.

Note wholehearted support from Rhodes. For Queen & Empire.
"... life-long dream of gold and diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes for a 'new world order.'"
Did Rhodes coin the term New World Order? Are stars just pinholes in the curtain of night?
The episode ends with tying Milner & Rothschild to the other main conspirators (not a theory) and how they sparked off WWI.

A global war wherein megalomaniacs engineered human disaster on an unheard of and previously unimaginable scale.
I'm tracing a path from here to the Rothschilds & money men, then heading over to subversive tendencies running China, Russia & America. The USSR was maintained by Foreign Aid, as is Israel subsidized, as well as various other projects.

I'll get back to the top tweet, promise...
Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act.

He also took America into WWI, after campaigning on an anti-war billet the year before.
We all know the League of Nations was 1st attempt, later we got United Nations (with its now notorious WHO).

You hear conspirational talk of Deep State & Shadow Government, but what does a "handler" look like?

Edward House, "he negotiated for peace".
Handler? Deep State?

I don't like those terms either. Find your own adjectives, I suppose.
The Rothschild name comes up time and again, so I assume you know them.

This slide pack more or less sums up the common history of the parasitic Rothschild family.

Back in the day, they financed people like Rhodes, & wars kept their profiteering going.
By "common history" I mean well-documented & consistent across multiple sources.

Remember Linux started with one kernel & look at the variety of flavors today.

It follows that any lie embedded into history in the past, traveled towards us across time...

Do your own research.
Right, let's skip over WWI and the October Revolution by the Bolsheviks.

The Soviet Empire now encompassing the ancient Khazarian homeland.

Stalin murdered a whole bunch of later, and I think I can guess why...
Holodomor. 6 to 7 million dead.
Holocaust. "6 million" actually 4 million but that includes multiple records.

I imagine Haaretz is a legit publication.
Anyway, I digress.

To recap, the Khazarian aka Ashkenazi Rothschild banking elite, now wielding massive power in Africa, America & in Europe, managed to get full control of the USSR, until Stalin turned on them & "made expedient changes in his government" & they lost the asset.
One can only speculate why you'd put so much time & effort into genocidally wiping out people living in & adjacent to, your ancestral homeland.

I assume the pre-Israel plan was Ukraine.

I found this graphic in my travels and it's consistent with bigoted assholes everywhere.
Before we skip to the establishment of "startup nation" Israel, here's the historical record.

Noting that America entered WWI mere months before Britain recognized Rothschild's Zion. And was financed by the Fed.

Clever, hey?

Remember "Colonel" House?
I'm not going to summarize the whole story of another influential group under the Crown, dating back to the British East India Company.

But you should download and read this book.

Also check thread:
Back across the pond.

Fast forward to the 60s.

To think I learned this LBJ fact in a Buttoned Surfers song...

Is it relevant?

Well if they all come from the same region, maybe.
Coming back to so-called Communism, wasn't it nice of American taxpayers to supply so much "non-strategic" technology to the Soviets? The USSR was subsidized by the USA.

He also devotes 8 pages to the CFR, "the invisible government".

Thorough analysis of how "Communism" spread.
Here's another group you should know about. Rothschild -sponsoted Ashkenazis who apparently wear inkjet printer cartridges on their heads, for reasons I cannot fathom.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a cow.
Remember the 300?

And the infiltration of America, including the CIA?

It wasn't only senators & congressmen they turned, blackmailed or owned.

Thanks to Operation Paperclip, the Nazi scientists, engineers and high technology were safe on US soil.
Where does your newly created banana Republic hide the 🍌 ?

Not only in "small boys" it seems, but also in places like Swiss Bank Accounts and City of London Corporation under Lord Rothschild.

England is occupied by them, and London is a base ...
So now the influence in the "independent" former colonies is more clear, as well as the insidious control of Washington & London, did you catch that bit about "descended from Khan"?

Then you may find this one an astonishing read. Khan, Cohen & Empire...
In the East, the USSR stronghold ended, but China was on the rise.

This family and its influence is everywhere.

I'm too lazy to look up and link what he's so laboriously reading.
This one was shorter. Easy to find the article.

This time I added the Bitchute copy, because he gave uo on it so his Brighteon & MeWe playlists are shorter. Bitchute replicates cancelled YT.
Kissinger and the CFR you know from Conspiracy & 300 books, mentioned above.

And memes for your stash...
Posting video here is awkward. I made a plan...

Please have a look at my "library update" pinned tweet. I spent lockdown studying the global web of control. Just had to lay it all out in a thread I can link to, so you can use it as a launching off point.
Starter library, so I can archive this.
Happy reading...

You'll find all the subversive activity quite well detailed and referenced.

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