ALL TEN of Biden's high profile appointees are Jews. That's right. Every. Single. One.

A thread. 1/5:

People have a hard time believing it when they hear that Bolshevism was a takeover of Slavs from the Jews, and that 85% of the first Soviet Government was Jewish, but then this happens.

Tony Blinken is anti-christian, anti-Russian and now, the Secretary of State. History repeats itself.

Just in time for their proposal that it should be made illegal to say that Jews are more loyal to Israel than America, and using their ADL to take down every free speech platform in existence. Can't be going around noticing things. That's anti-Semitic.
You will never win playing the "left-wing" "right-wing" dichotomy. It's a mirage, they own both sides. You never had a choice, they just present you with two puppets and you get to choose one, while you misdirect your anger at your neighbors because they chose the wrong one.

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