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This got me thinking: why not an alternative, decentralized currency and new financial model?

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Greetings Everyone, we have formed an Emergency Grand Jury for Natural Law from Public Health and Justice along with 32 Judges from all around the world who are experts and together we have launched a International Tribunal for

Emergency Injunctions and we have served Indictments for Crimes Against Humanity To Ban
1) Forced Vaccinations, 2) Unlawful Lockdowns 3) The Criminal Misuse 4) Fraudulent Tests on Healthy People
5) The Criminal misuse of 5G Technologies.
6) Economic Terrorism
7) Forcing people

into poverty.

Please find links of our Global Indictments here:

As many of you may already know, rogue highly corrupt usurpers who have now taken over all our public offices, departments and positions of power are misusing COVID 19 as an excuse to

strip We The People of our God given inalienable Rights and Freedoms.

The are grossly abusing the powers given to them by We The People.

Those in positions of Government and Mainstream Media are Acting as a Corrupt Corporations to facilitate their own special interests and No

longer honoring the Will of We The People.

In Law this is an ABUSE OF POWER called a Breach of ULTRA VIRES LAWS meaning 'They have gone BEYOND THE SCOPE OF POWERS' That We The People have given them.

We have arrived at a extremely dangerous situation whereby they are now

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