Top 13 websites providing extremely useful Data for Options Traders -

1- Go charting
For Orderflow data along with other useful stuffs.
2- Trendlyne
For it's customisable scanners.
3- icharts
for all present & historical data related to Stock as well as Index options.
4- Opstra
for it's accurate payoff diagrams & strategy builder.
5- Sensibull
For convenient payoff diagram connected straight from your positions.
6- Quantsapp
for minute details of all kind of OI data
7- BSE Site
For all realtime announcements regarding every stock.
8- Niftytrader
For OI data & various calculators.
Those were the top 8 websites, if you want to know the rest 5 websites, just Retweet the First Tweet below & I will DM that to you.

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Here are 16 Free & powerful Scanners for Traders.


1. NR7 breakout scanner -
NR7 is a great concept using which you can identify the potential breakout candidates.
For details on NR& concept refer to this thread -
Here's the scanner -

2. Volume & price shockers -
This scans the stocks that have seen a sudden rise in their volume by over 2x times the average volume of last 10 days and have gained or lost more than 5% today.
Great candidate for breakout /

3. 15 min breakouts -
These stocks have shown a rise in both prices as well as volume in the last 15 min. High chances that they will continue the rally

4. Engulfing Candle scan -
This scans the stocks which are in extended up/down trend & have formed Engulfing candle now. They are a great candidate to take reversal trades.

Bullish engulfing -
Bearish engulfing -

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