A #story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam-one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

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Story 16- it is about how Bhagwan Shiva explained the meaning of Vedas to the Rishis.

வேதத்துக்குப் பொருள் அருளிச் செய்த படலம்

Once there was a great deluge,everything in the world was destroyed.All lifeforms that existed got perished.Afterwards ,due to Bhagwan Shiva creation started.Then from Bhagwan Shiv ji's mouth-birth of 🕉 OM- Pranavam happened.From Pranavam,4 vedas appeared. Rishis learned them.
Many Rishis in Naimisharanya learned Vedas&recited them but they didn't understand the meaning&essence of Vedas. They were worried as they couldn't find any guru who can teach them the meaning of Vedas.That time,Rishi Arabhatar visited them.Rishis told him about need their worry.
Rishi Arabhatar told them that Bhagwan Shiva has given Vedas &he would be grateful enough to teach the meaning as well.But for that rishis have to rigorous penance at a sacred place.Also told them to go to Sundareswarar temple in Madurai to do tapas in front of Dakshinamurthy.
Assured them that Dakshinamurthy himself will come & teach them.Rishis proceeded to Madurai & started their tapas in front of Dakshinamurthy sannidhi for almost a year starting from Karthigai month pournami to next year Karthigai month pournami following all rituals..annadan
Pleased with their devotion,Bhagwan Shiva gave Darshan as a young learned man.Rishis were delighted by his darshan & surrendered.He took them to Sundareswarar sannathi & startedvtelling them the meaning of Vedas.Told them that this lingam appeared on its own.
And that is the symbol of thatuvas &it itself is the meaning of https://t.co/gi62NeSJE5 this Shiva lingam, bottom portion refers brahma - Aanma Thatuvam, middle portion - Vishnu - Vidhya Thatuvam,top portion - bannam Shivam - Shiva thatuvam.He creates,protects & destroys.
AUM or Pranavam 🕉 is born from these 3 Thatuvams.Gayatri Mantra is born from Pranavam & from 🕉 -all 4 vedas.Vedas are source of Dharma & Karma.
Vedas are divided to 2 karma Kaandam,Gnana Kaandam. These 2 tells about methods to do puja&obtain gnana which leads to clarity of mind
After explaining the meaning of Vedas, the young learned brahmin disappeared.

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Source text -based on my understanding of this story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam/ Sacred Games of Shiva /blogs with these stories

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The next Thiruvilayadal is about Bhagwan Shiva as merchant selling rubies

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