My dad led an organization of over 300,000 employees.

When I took on my biggest marketing & events team to date (35 employees) I asked him how the *heck* he did it. Here's what he said and what helped me every day. 🧡

Remember you're leading all the employees under you, but you're not *managing* them all. You're managing your direct reports, which should be 5-7 individuals max. Focus on them.
When you interact with the employees you don't manage directly, get to know them as people first, that'll be the most valuable information in leading them. Remembering everything you learn about them is hard, but doing so will make you a superhero.
If you're not going to empower the managers under you, why do you have them? If you see room for improvement, let the manager know and let them make the change on their teams and come to you with questions/concerns. This will save you SO much time.
If you're the smartest person in any room - you're doing it wrong. As a leader, your job is bringing together the best people to get the job done - your skillset is identifying those people, not being one of them.
The quickest way to build loyalty with those you lead is to take all of the blame and none of the credit. Publicly share what you could have done to prevent mistakes made by your team. Privately, help them learn from those mistakes. Loudly promote their individual success.
Get rid of "I" and "you" in your vocabulary and replace it with "We" as often as possible. This is one of the easiest tactics that has an incredible impact on how people view themselves as part of a team.
You *will* have to make decisions that are unfair and you *will* have to communicate decisions you disagree with. Guaranteed. The sooner you accept that and expect it, the better you'll deal with it when the time comes.
What would you add? Or if you haven’t managed or been in a leadership position yet, what questions do you have?

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