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I recently bought one of these air quality monitors and got to take it out for some measurements!

I'll share some findings in this thread.

CCing @CO2Guerrillas here, in case they would like to share.

A very quick intro:

This device measures:

-CO2 concentration
-relative humidity
-atmospheric pressure

I spent ~$200 on Amazon. It pairs with your phone and you can watch data come in every minute or so.

A lot of covid transmission is airborne. So, having clean air is a must for reducing transmission.

A great way to see how much clean air you are getting is to measure CO2 concentration.

Too high -> you could use more ventilation -> open some windows!

So, I walked around town and took some measurements.

Outdoor CO2 concentration should be about 400 ppm. I haven't calibrated my device yet, so I measured ~470. Close enough.

<800 is good for indoors. Something like 2000 is very bad.

For a reference: inside my apartment I quickly get ~1000 ppm if I don't have windows open. Maybe ~1500 if things get bad.

If I crack some windows, even just barely, it gets down to ~600 ppm very quickly, and my heater can keep the apartment ~70 F no problem.
While lack of consent due to power imabalance is a common reason for opposing bestiality, it often comes from a place not grounded in either consistency and/or observable evidence.

I'll provide a response to @nilbold's concerns in hopes of a fruitful exchange of information.

RAINN has a rather serviceable model for sexual consent for humans:

And Planned Parenthood has a more comprehensive one:

What's interesting is that both models fit and can be successfully applied to...

nonhuman animals regardless of if their prospective partners are of the same species or not.

Now we need to explore power imbalance in human sexual relationships to understand what degrees of power imbalance are tolerated or not, and why.

We must also note that "Power Imbalance" does not inherently mean bad things. There are Negative or Harmful Power Imbalances (like when the powerful have complete control over vital resources and the powerless are aware of this) and there are Positive or Growth Power Imbalances

(Like when one is an expert martial artist and teaches their SO how to defend themselves).

Power exists in all relationships. Having power means to have a sense of control, to have choices and the ability to influence our environment and others.