Why was @LudwigAhgren's Twitch stream yesterday a masterpiece in creating live content?

Ludwig started off with a high energy intro with background music that sounded like an entrance theme to a WWE wrestler (or a Saturday morning TV show).
He then moved onto a segment where he attempted to break a 'world record' for speedrunning Unban Bingo.

(a trending piece of content right now, with in-jokes with the Twitch community and funny content that can be repurposed for YouTube).
Ludwig follows this up with a 20 slide presentation on 'how to make it big as a streamer'.

He engaged viewers into chat by asking them to vote directly in chat temporarily, which perfectly broke up what could have been a 'boring' presentation (spoiler, it wasn't boring).
He follows this with a Q&A and answers as many questions as he could, again, engaging chat.

THEN.... we get a PogChamp emote tier list of every PogChamp so far.
Then Ludwig calms things down by reacting to YouTube videos. Including adverts that he's been involved in throughout the years.

Then of course... Ludwig creates a tier-list of his own Ads.

G e n i u s.
The sixth segment is Ludwig playing chess, and the seventh segment is playing GeoWizard.

Six hours of amazing content, with multiple moments built for YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

In each segment, Lugwig used background music like you would a TV sports show, it is fantastic.
The best quote of the stream "It's time to start formatting your streams around your youtube videos"
This follows exactly the model I recommend to streamers, that they should see their stream as a show. Create different segments that you roughly craft beforehand.

Ludwig is a genius at this and deserves to be the 42nd biggest streamer on Twitch - even though i miss the old him.
The VOD has around 479,785 views after 12 hours. You should watch it: https://t.co/Bxz3XYCdJe
P.S; @LudwigAhgren's YouTube titles, thumbnails and content ideas are absolutely perfect.

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