Bull Market Rotation: We all have heard about bull market rotation over last few months. 

Let's see how it looks. Below is the comparative chart of IT (candlestick chart) vs Metals (blue line chart). Let's see how it has moved from March'20 bottom till now. 


1) March'20 to July'20: Both going up but IT clearly outperforming metals during the period.

2) July to Aug: IT consolidating, metals outperforming.

3) Aug to Oct: IT moving up, metals under retracement.

4) Oct to Nov: Tables turning again in favour of metals.

5) Nov to Jan: Both moving up, but IT outperforming.

6) Jan to May: Metals outperforming IT after some initial retracement in first few weeks of Jan. Since last week of Jan to May, it's been all metals.

7) May to July: IT again leading, with metals consolidating.

Let's see how it turns from here.


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Today's move is an example of this tweet. Save this chart for future ref. https://t.co/amUhSLrET3

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