Shared this update on sugar stocks in Feb on telegram.

Some of them have moved a bit but this is just the beginning.

Way sugar is setting up, it can very well replicate pharma rally of 2020.

However, looks extended on smaller tf. Will wait here for some retracement.

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I will be a buyer under 13800 levels, but depending upon the reversal on smaller timeframe.

So now that Nifty has undergone ABC correction in the expected manner, what to expect next?

I think we have started larger degree wave 3, once 16800 was crossed.

16800 is the reference level now. We will get more sense by end of next week/ month. https://t.co/KsziuUpZxU


If 17445 is taken out, then may be we are heading to fresh new all time on Nifty.

Things may pan out way faster than expected.


Zoomed in cross-section of the chart above.

Wave 3 of 1 should have started today, which can take Nifty to fresh all time highs.


So now Nifty is moving more clearly on the expected path, what's next?

Nifty has started longer term wave 3 advancement, pending final confirmation of HH by crossing 17800.

In Wave 1 of 3, can expect a move to 20k+.

In terms of longer term wave structure:

Wave 1: 7500 to 18600
Wave 3: 15700 to 35000+

And this can pan out over next 2 years or so.

Since wave 2 was a shallow correction, wave 4 can potentially be a deeper correction.

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