Trump is a Russian asset, a mob money launderer installed by his mob whoremasters to sow chaos and weaken the US & our allies.

EVERY SINGLE THING HE’S DONE since taking office is to achieve those purposes—that and to enrich himself personally.


1/ His entire family is part of this. Melania is a fucking crook. Ivanka is a fucking crook. Junior and Gums are fucking crooks. They will all die in prison, except for Kushner, who, if he really *did* trade US intel for money, should be executed for espionage.
2/ Why do you think Trump installs uniquely corrupt & awful people to Cabinet positions? Pruitt, Zinke, Betsy, Rex/Pompeo, Wilbur "Melting Nazi Face" Ross. They are not there to serve us. They are not there to drain the swamp. They are there to BURN THE REPUBLIC DOWN.
3/ Trump steals. He takes taxpayer money—your money and mine—and lines his pockets with it. He exploits his office to make himself richer. This is all he cares about. Why are Republican citizens, you “fiscal conservatives,” not more angry about this? Riddle me THAT, #MAGA.
4/ Matt Whitaker, the human dildo and “acting AG,” was illegally installed to throw a monkey wrench in the Mueller investigation. That’s why they won’t release his financials. He’s fucking bought and sold. He’s going to prison for obstruction.
5/ Kavanaugh was rammed through for similar purposes. He’s compromised, there to rubber-stamp Trump’s autocratic BS, and he should be impeached and removed as soon as Nadler gets the gavel.

We never did find out where he got all his money:
6/ Sessions met with Russians multiple times in his role as Trump surrogate and lied about it under oath. Fuck that racist Keebler elf, too.

Also Pence. Fuck Mike Pence. Jesus doesn't love you, Mike. He draws the line at you.
7/ We enjoy mocking Roger Stone, but he is the godfather of ratfuckery. He was careless this time & it will cost him. He’s getting indicted any day now, & he will go to prison w/ his ex-partner Manafort, & he’s old, so he’ll fucking die there. Stone in jail is good for America.
9/ There is a whitewashing of Michael Cohen happening these days, because he’s cooperating and tweeting normal things. Guess what? He’s a fucking mobster. And he’s a fucking rat.
10/ Whatever the fuck Lindsey Graham did, I hope it was worth it, because he couldn’t be more of a Russian puppet if Putin’s fist was up his ass.
11/ Mitch McConnell is the worst American since the Civil War. I read that his kids hate him. Good. I don’t know if he’ll be scathed by Trump/Russia, but I wish nothing but ill upon him. He is, in no uncertain terms, a traitor to the country. Period.
12/ Sarah Suckupabee Sanders is a joke of a human being. I think she just may be smart enough to realize this. I hope so. I hope she experiences social shunning and shame for the rest of her days.
13/ I haven't forgotten about Stephen Miller, and everyone else actively involved in separating kids from parents. That's Nazi shit right there. If you do this, you are a Nazi.
14/ TREASON is the operative word here. Spare me your precious legalese fuckery. I don’t care what the legal definition is. You try to actively destroy my country, you’re guilty of treason. And these Trumpists are ALL guilty of that. From 45 to the asshole who took Acosta's mic.
You think I’m being hyperbolic? You think I’m using strong words I don’t really mean? Bullshit. The Trumps, all of them, are traitors. They are ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE. And to paraphrase Robert Plant, their time is gonna come. SOON.



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