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Found awesome content: ⏬
1. Moneycontrol
2. Bank nifty Strangles/Straddles
3. Learnings
4. Expiry Trading
5. Directional trading
6. Long Term Investing
7. Pivot system
8. DHS pattern
9. Multiple trade management threads/ways.

Moneycontrol article on @sourabhsiso19
What Sourabh does and how to trade like him? ⏬
Why trade multiple systems? ⏬
1. Keeps drawdown at minimum.
2. Strong money management can be applied.
3. Better psychology.
Thread on how options allow you to change your positions in a dynamic manner. ⏬
Why he trades Bank Nifty strangles. ⏬
Sell strangles when ⏬
1. Opening is in the middle of PDH/PDL.
2. Combined strangle chart at day low.
3. Below Vwap.
4. Below 20 MA.
When he sells strangles if market opens within PDH/PDL he trails aggressively as according to a study a breakout can happen anytime in the second half. ⏬
Start with 1/3rd quantity, add if in favour.
Win big on highest quantity, lose small when on lower quantity.. 🤏 ⏬
Thread on how to manage Bank Nifty straddles. ⏬
Learnings he has noted down in an excel. Go through this, very important. ⏬
Another tweet on his lessons learnt and the mistakes he's noted down. ⏬
Don't sell straddles/strangles on gap days as premium moves are erratic and rarely there is a follow through. ⏬
Create Skewed bullish strangles when market crosses previous day high and weekly pivot. ⏬
Pointers on how to do expiry trading. ⏬
Last week of expiry, keep stocks in watchlist that are 1-2% away from highest OI strike. ⏬

Logic is if that is breached writers will panic leading to a big short covering move.
Thread on how to do long term investing. ⏬
Framework for directional strategies. Check the first picture in his tweet, important. ⏬
Directional trading for going long in stocks: ⏬

1. ATH or near ATH.
2. Futures OI built up positive.
3. Call unwinding.
4. Strong put writing.
DHS pattern (Day high sustains) ⏬
1. Near 52 week high
2. 1st 5 min candle breaks PDH
3. Day low sl
4. Trail with 20 SMA
A new Pivot system he uses: ⏬

1. Buy above R1
2. 15 min candle close above R1
3. SL below candle low and keep trailing.
Trade management in a Reliance trade he took. ⏬
Trade management on a day when market opened 3% gap up, then went down and then again rallied towards the end. ⏬
Strangle Trade management when there is a violent move/iv spike. ⏬
Learnings from the book Market Wizards. ⏬

Thanks to @sourabhsiso19 for the immense learning and hope you enjoyed this compilation. Ask him questions as he always responds to the best of his ability. 💯



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MASTER THREAD on Short Strangles.

Curated the best tweets from the best traders who are exceptional at managing strangles.

• Positional Strangles
• Intraday Strangles
• Position Sizing
• How to do Adjustments
• Plenty of Examples
• When to avoid
• Exit Criteria

How to sell Strangles in weekly expiry as explained by boss himself. @Mitesh_Engr

• When to sell
• How to do Adjustments
• Exit

Beautiful explanation on positional option selling by @Mitesh_Engr
Sir on how to sell low premium strangles yourself without paying anyone. This is a free mini course in

1st Live example of managing a strangle by Mitesh Sir. @Mitesh_Engr

• Sold Strangles 20% cap used
• Added 20% cap more when in profit
• Booked profitable leg and rolled up
• Kept rolling up profitable leg
• Booked loss in calls
• Sold only

2nd example by @Mitesh_Engr Sir on converting a directional trade into strangles. Option Sellers can use this for consistent profit.

• Identified a reversal and sold puts

• Puts decayed a lot

• When achieved 2% profit through puts then sold

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