A simple strategy to capture Multibaggers.
1) WklyChart
2) 30 wk MA and 10 Wk MA
3) 10 ma at 45 degree steep.
4) Get ready for long -10 ma crosses 30 ma.
5) Go long on a pullback at 10 MA. 6)Add on pullback at 10 MA.
7) Exit if complete candle closes below 10ma

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Margatha Natarajar murthi - Uthirakosamangai temple near Ramanathapuram,TN
Unique Natarajar made of emerlad is abt 6 feet tall.
It is always covered with sandal paste.Only on Thriuvadhirai Star in month Margazhi-Nataraja can be worshipped without sandal paste.

After removing the sandal paste,day long rituals & various abhishekam will be
https://t.co/e1Ye8DrNWb day Maragatha Nataraja sannandhi will be closed after anointing the murthi with fresh sandal paste.Maragatha Natarajar is covered with sandal paste throughout the year

as Emerald has scientific property of its molecules getting disturbed when exposed to light/water/sound.This is an ancient Shiva temple considered to be 3000 years old -believed to be where Bhagwan Shiva gave Veda gyaana to Parvati Devi.This temple has some stunning sculptures.