#DoYouKnow -The place where
Lalitha Sahasranamam -1000 names of Devi originated.

It is in Lalithambigai temple -Thirumeeyachur,Near Mayiladuthurai,TN

There is a Legend #story & it is related to this beautiful #sculpture of Kshetrapuraneswarar & Ambal Lalithambigai #Thread 👇

#Legend #story
It is believed that this is birth place of Kashyapa Maharishi’s sons, Arunan& Garudan. Arunan(charioteer of Surya)was physically handicapped.He was a Shiva devotee.Arunan wanted to visit Kailash to have Shiva Darshan,but Surya Dev denied permission.
So Arunan disguised as a girl & was on his way to Kailash.On the way Surya Dev saw this girl & outraged her modesty.Shiva was very angry with Suryan for misbehaviour & cursed him to get darkened. Whole world plunged into darkness.Surya Dev pleaded to Bhagwan Shiv to forgive him.
Shiva Bhagwan asked him to go to Thirumiyachur & worship him there. As advised, Surya Dev performed rigorous penance, placed murthi of Shiva& Parvathy on an elephant & took them to the clouds.Shiva in this temple is known as Meganathaswamy,Devi is known as Lalithambigai
Even after severe penance,Shiva does appear,so Surya Dev cries out in agony.Disturbed by his call, Parvathy protests.Siva pacifies her & offers relief to Surya Dev.The sculpture of Shiva pacifying Ambal shows her sullen from one angle &smiling from another.
Shiva blessed her to be Shanta nayagi.Devatas called vasini emerged from Lalithambigai’s mouth &sung Lalitha Sahasranamam stotra in praise of Goddess here.Hayagrivar conveyed lalita sahasranamam to Agasthiya Rishi.Agasthiya came to this temple & worshiped the goddess.
This stotra is found in Brahmanda purana as discussion between Hayagreeva &Agasthya Rishi. Hayagreeva -incarnation of Vishnu with horse https://t.co/GyecRgjgwy his request Hayagreeva taught him sahasranama of Lalithambigai &gifted to us the lalitha Sahasranamam
Sri Lalitambika is seated resting her folded right leg on seat. Her left leg is in Sukhasana https://t.co/mcDDyBAcYD other unique feature -only temple where we can offer Anklets for Devi.There is provision for inserting Anklet/Golusu on Devi's leg...Amazing
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Source text - based on details in various blogs,templesoftamilnadu & Dharisanam websites about this temple
Do read this #story #Thread about Lalithambigai temple where
Lalitha Sahasranamam originated.

Thanks for reading🙏

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Margatha Natarajar murthi - Uthirakosamangai temple near Ramanathapuram,TN
Unique Natarajar made of emerlad is abt 6 feet tall.
It is always covered with sandal paste.Only on Thriuvadhirai Star in month Margazhi-Nataraja can be worshipped without sandal paste.

After removing the sandal paste,day long rituals & various abhishekam will be
https://t.co/e1Ye8DrNWb day Maragatha Nataraja sannandhi will be closed after anointing the murthi with fresh sandal paste.Maragatha Natarajar is covered with sandal paste throughout the year

as Emerald has scientific property of its molecules getting disturbed when exposed to light/water/sound.This is an ancient Shiva temple considered to be 3000 years old -believed to be where Bhagwan Shiva gave Veda gyaana to Parvati Devi.This temple has some stunning sculptures.
ArudraDarisanam/Thiruvathrai-an important hindu festival celebrated mostly in TamilNadu & Kerala.Shiva as Nataraja performed Ananda Thandav for Vyaghrapada&Patanjali Rishi

Do you know why Kali is made as Naivedyam/offering for Bhagwan Shiva on Thiruvathrai..see Story #Thread 👇

It is related to incidents happened in the life of a devotee of Bhagwan Shiva - Senthanar who lived in Chidambaram. He used to sell firewoods for his earnings.Using the money earned by selling firewood,he used to feed atleast one sivanadiyar once a day,before having his food.

Bhagwan Shiva decided to test devotion of
https://t.co/eV3eQg0UZx day it rained heavily &all the firewood he got https://t.co/pqEiuKGnkr firewood was wet he couldn't https://t.co/UmXb50ik0Z he didn't have much cash to buy rice for that day's meal.He managed to prepare Kali with

some rice and jaggery.He waited for sivanadiyar,but time went on - Senthanar was worried as no sivanadiyar visited his place on that https://t.co/VAOQYerjta Thillai Natarajar came as a Sivanadiyar to Senthanar home.Senthanar opened door & was overwhelmed to see a sivanadiyar

He served Kali to Sivanadiyar. Sivanadiyar (Shiva)enjoyed while eating Kali amudum &asked Senthanar to parcel the remaining Kali for his next meal.

In those times,it is customary for Chola Raja Kandaratidhar to hear
to hear sound of Nataraja's salangai (ghungroo) during daily

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