Trump is gonna let the Mueller investigation end all on it's own. It's obvious. All the hysteria of the past 2 weeks about his supposed impending firing of Mueller was a distraction. He was never going to fire Mueller and he's not going to

Mueller's officially end his investigation all on his own and he's gonna say he found no evidence of Trump campaign/Russian collusion during the 2016 election.

Democrats & DNC Media are going to LITERALLY have nothing coherent to say in response to that.
Mueller's team was 100% partisan.

That's why it's brilliant. NOBODY will be able to claim this team of partisan Democrats didn't go the EXTRA 20 MILES looking for ANY evidence they could find of Trump campaign/Russian collusion during the 2016 election
They looked high.

They looked low.

They looked underneath every rock, behind every tree, into every bush.

And they found...NOTHING.
Those saying Mueller will file obstruction charges against Trump: laughable.

What documents did Trump tell the Mueller team it couldn't have? What witnesses were withheld and never interviewed?


Mueller got full 100% cooperation as the record will show.
Not 1 indictment the Mueller team issued had anything to do with Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in 2016.

Manafort was known to be 1 of the most corrupt people in DC, doing all kinds of illegal shady stuff. No surprise he got nailed on illegal lobbying/bank fraud

Perjury during questioning by FBI agents/Mueller investigators.

It's over a year since Flynn pleaded guilty to 'lying' to Peter Strzok & Joseph Pientka during an interview about phone calls to the Russian ambassador.
Flynn's sentencing is now set for Dec. 18. Unless it's changed again, as Mueller's team desperately plays 'hide the ball' on the Strzok issue, the lead agent in the case against Flynn getting his ass FIRED from the FBI for violating all kinds of rules and protocols.
Papadopoulos was entrapped the same way. Like Flynn, NEVER charged with conspiracy or collusion but instead for giving several non-truthful answers during an interview. For this serious crime a judge sentenced PapaD to....14 days in jail.
Manafort: bank fraud/money laundering/tax evasion/illegal lobbying
Flynn: process perjury
PapaD: process perjury
Some lawyer who's name I don't recall at the moment: process perjury
2 dozen Russians running a troll farm: no effect on the election.
Meanwhile guess who's still out there in the weeds, getting ready to unleash hell? EVERYBODY has forgotten about him. As intended.


He hasn't gone anywhere and he's got it all. All the fully uredacted SpyGate docs.
Reminder: Horowitz is the guy who EXPOSED the entire SpyGate plot. When he surfaced in Oct '17 after digging for more than 10 months into the evidence, he passed some on to Congress.

So people forgot about Horowitz & focused on the Congressional investigations.
Good. GOOD. That's great. Don't change a thing.

Everything you know came through Horowitz first. He's WHY Trump knows how this is going to go down when the bell is rung and the Pandora's Box gets the lid ripped off the top of it.

This is why Trump isn't worried a bit.
Trump has SEEN all the unredacted SpyGate docs. He knows exactly what they'll show. Not only was there no Russian collusion, but corrupt gov't officials in LEO/Intel agencies conspired to FAKE Russian collusion to help Hillary win the election.

Then to try to impeach him.
Trump's holding all the aces and the Democrats/SpyGate plotters are holding a shit hand.

Watch it play out.


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Read this thread, people. You can literally sense their panic, fear and hatred bleeding through your screen.

The Lefties are desperately virtue-signaling each other right now about Kanye West.

"So we all agree, right? Kanye's days of being any kind of celebrity or influencer in the black community ended long ago, right? RIGHT?! I MEAN THE DUDE IS CRAZY WE CAN ALL SEE THIS OK?!"

So here's the talking point on MSNBC right now: That somehow a CRAZY MENTALLY DISTURBED BLACK MAN was allowed into the White House and TRUMP EXPLOITED HIS MENTAL ILLNESS.
Here's the great thing: JW is eventually going to get those Benghazi emails. Don't know about getting Clinton & Co. to testify under oath, but all JW really needs is those emails.

The emails from Clinton's server on Benghazi are going to show:

1) they knew it was a AQ terrorist attack from the start
2) they decided to leave those people in Benghazi hanging out there on their own.

Since plenty of 'missing' Hillary Clinton emails have turned up [remember the 700,000 Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop? I do! *gigglesnort!*] you can bet they are covered in JW's FOIA lawsuit.

Reminder: Comey managed to BULLSHIT everybody that 'all' the emails had been reviewed using this cool new technique to sort through 700,000 emails in just a few days. Then this came out:

The fact that Comey claimed his crack FBI team - with Peter Sztrok on it! managed to review 700,000 emails in a marathan 12 hour span was clearly bullshit.

And now it's been proven to be bullshit.

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My piece in the NY Times today: "the Trump administration is denying applications submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services at a rate 37 percent higher than the Obama administration did in 2016."

Based on this analysis: "Denials for immigration benefits—travel documents, work permits, green cards, worker petitions, etc.—increased 37 percent since FY 2016. On an absolute basis, FY 2018 will see more than about 155,000 more denials than FY 2016."

"This increase in denials cannot be credited to an overall rise in applications. In fact, the total number of applications so far this year is 2 percent lower than in 2016. It could be that the higher denial rate is also discouraging some people from applying at all.."

Thanks to @gsiskind for his insightful comments. The increase in denials, he said, is “significant enough to make one think that Congress must have passed legislation changing the requirements. But we know they have not.”

My conclusion:
How the CIA gets the media to lie to you

War on democracy - installing US-puppet dictators in Latin America in order to control their economies
#Guatemala #Arbenz #RedScare

Propaganda, "harmless bombing" and a CIA terror campaign

CIA war on Nicaragua
I told you they’d bring this up

I was wondering why that tweet had so many stupid replies. And now I see

Seriously, this was “the night before.” If you’re at the march where they’re changing “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and soil,” you’re not a “very fine person.” Full stop.

There are 3 important moments in that transcript.

1.) When someone asked Trump about a statement *he had already made* about there being blame on “both sides,” he said the “fine people” line.

2. Trump does clarify! “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally “


Then adds that there were “many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”

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"I really want to break into Product Management"

make products.

"If only someone would tell me how I can get a startup to notice me."

Make Products.

"I guess it's impossible and I'll never break into the industry."


Courtesy of @edbrisson's wonderful thread on breaking into comics – – here is why the same applies to Product Management, too.

There is no better way of learning the craft of product, or proving your potential to employers, than just doing it.

You do not need anybody's permission. We don't have diplomas, nor doctorates. We can barely agree on a single standard of what a Product Manager is supposed to do.

But – there is at least one blindingly obvious industry consensus – a Product Manager makes Products.

And they don't need to be kept at the exact right temperature, given endless resource, or carefully protected in order to do this.

They find their own way.