1. #Qanon told us that Saudi Arabia is a central piece of the puzzle in taking out the Deep State...we are watching the Deep State attempt to remove Crown Prince MBS and disrupt Pres Trump's administration's ties with MBS and the "new" Saudi/US coalition. Early in his admin,

2....@Potus sent Jared Kushner (JK) to SA on an undisclosed trip and told King Salman that business as usual was over, and if he wanted Pres Trump's support, Prince Alwaleed would have to be divested of $ and power; Alwaleed is one of top Deep State $ men and was tied to HRC.
3. @Potus knew that before he could begin cleansing the US and the rest of the world of the DS, he would have to cut one of the financial head's off the snake (Alwaleed). After JK met w/ King Salman, Alwaleed was arrested and divested of billions; MBS became leader of SA.
4. SA loves Pres Trump because he's a man of his word; SA could not trust Hussein or Clintons because they use SA for oil and leverage; SA has many factions, but essentially you have the new and upcoming SA that is attempting to modernize through Crown Prince MBS, and then you
5...have the old guard represented by Alwaleed who was one of the Deep State financial heads and loyal to the DS more than SA; SA knew Hussein was financing Iran to hold western world hostage, and SA was caught in middle of Deep State black mail; this is why @Potus was celebrated
6. SA Alwaleed faction connected to Clintons via Huma and her family ties to Muslim Brotherhood (MB); it's more than just oil and money...it's about power, world domination, and rape/slavery of women and children; Alwaleed and MB had US leftists politicians on the payroll and
7...funded political campaigns...the MB is of course predominant in Pakistan and Turkey and were directly connected to Clintons and DNC via Huma...hence the placement of Awan as an IT tech for the Dems in congress (spy for MB/Pakistan); Clintons paid Alaweed and evil SA princes
8..with non-monetary currency...HRC paid them with children....@Potus told King Salman to crack down on the Alwaleed faction of princes who took payment from Clintons and Deep State in form of child/women slaves. Q has referred to SA as "bloody wonderland" and mentions Alice in
9...bloody wonderland...Q later posted photos of "art" created by John Podesta's brother, Alex showing men in white rabbit costumes...many believe this is a veiled cabal reference to the SA princes wearing white robes who would rape and torture children
10...Q later posted a wikileaks email from Marty Torrey to HRC where Torrey calls himself "Hatter" and refers to HRC as Alice...HRC not only sold the children to SA but also participated in child rape and Satanic sacrifice of children...all will come out per Q.
11. After JK went to SA but before Alwaleed was arrested and divested, it's important to realize that the Las Vegas mass shooting occured (Nov 5, 2017). I won't go into this, but Alwaleed owned top floors of Mandalay Bay hotel where shooter was shooting from. after this event,
12...Alwaleed was arrested in mid November and the money and funding for HRC and Clinton Foundation dried up...the LV mass shooting was an attempt to saddle Pres Trump with a horrible mass shooting and to destroy him politically among other reasons I dont have time to discuss
13. SA is so vital to the Deep State because SA was one side of the three sided pyramid of world financial domination as explained by #Qanon, and SA via Alwaleed was majority shareholder in Twitter and other social media giants not to mention the primary global oil producer
14. Control SA oil supply, and bring the West to its knees. There is so much more to analyze in relation to Q posting about SA but I do not have time. Deep State is now trying to take out MBS from within by creating chaos and murdering one of their own (Kashoggi) and blaming
15...Crown Prince MBS...this was designed to create even more chaos before the US mid terms...END #Qanon #wwg1wga

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