NEW: @RudyGiuliani in GA hearing "Let me conclude by saying ... our Founding Fathers, miraculously, probably envisioned everything that would happen to us. They even envisioned this. A disputed election. Cheating. Stealing. And they made a choice. They made a choice of where to

2/ put the responsibility in a difficult situation like that. Article I, Section II of the of Constitution puts that responsibility right here, in the legislatures of the several states. You are responsible for the selection of the electors. Not the Governor. Not your Secretary
3/ of State, who is covering up everything that he can cover-up. Not anybody else, but you. It's your power. It doesn't come from the state constitution. It comes from the United States Constitution. You are not subjected to needing a special session. The governor has no right,
4/ really, to interfere. He has no right to call a special session or not call a special session. The Constitution has taken him out of the process. The Constitution put the power in the state legislature, so strong, that you can take that power back right up to the last moment,
5/ you can take it back two minutes before the electoral votes are counted, because ultimately it's your responsibility. You delegated it to them in the first place. And if you feel they are exercising it improperly, it is your obligation to stop them from doing it. And you KNOW
6/ they exercised it improperly. You know that. You've got so much evidence of it, there are 10 ways to demonstrate it. There are 10 ways to demonstrate that this election was stolen. That the votes were phony. That there were a lot of them: dead people, felons, phony ballots,
7/ phony mail-in ballots. How is it that, in every single Republican county in this state, state senators ran ahead of the President by 4-6%? Every single one. Exactly the same, 4-6%. We know the President's favorability in this state. We know that, in at least a few of those
8/ he's going to run ahead of the Republican senators. And it just so happens it's just in the states where they fixed the vote where that happened. In other states, the President ran ahead of most Republican state senators. I'm tired of demonstrating it. There are so many ways
9/ of demonstrating it. You know it. It's a question of courage. It's ultimately a question of courage. Do you have the courage to stand up to the obligation of the Constitution of the United States, put on you to save our people from fraud? To save the reputation of the state
10/ of GA from, in history, certifying a phony vote that led to the wrong result of an election, which will be the verdict of history? Or, do you have the courage to put up with what's going to happen if you, in fact, change that certification and do the right thing? You'll be
11/ attacked, you'll be pilloried. You'll be described in all sorts of horrible ways, but you'll be able to wake up the next morning and look in the mirror and say, "I did the right thing", and that's what you should be about in public office. Not worried about what people say,
12/ but what you did. And I'll tell you another thing: Your decision will stand the test of history, because this is going to prove to be EVEN WORSE than it is now, and it's pretty bad, so I implore you: hold the session, take a vote, do the right thing and forget the criticism.
13/ You know what the right thing to do is. You've seen the evidence. You know what the law is and I implore you to do the right thing, not necessarily for President Trump ... now it really has become much bigger than that. For the American People and so this stops, right now.
14/ No more of this stuff in America. This is the stuff you do in a 3rd world country. You let them get away with this and it can get much worse. And I cant say enough about your courage. You, Mr. Chairman, and the other members of your committee, in doing what a lot of others
15/ are afraid to do. And I thank you on behalf of my client and on behalf of the United States". 🇺🇸

God Bless You, @RudyGiuliani! Thank you for defending the American People, Rule of Law, integrity of our elections & fighting on behalf of the President + Constitution. 🙏🏻🦅
16/ VIDEO [Part One]
17/ VIDEO [Part Two - FINAL]

Thank you to @RSBNetwork for your dependable, terrific and non-stop coverage of these hearings. You are going a tremendous service to your country. 🇺🇸

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