FIERY OPEN by @JudgeJeanine 🔥“When 100M people vote before an election & a huge portion are mail-in ballots, extraordinary regulatory oversight is required. When election laws are changed for a Presidential Election on the eve of that election, in violation of the

2/ Constitution, extraordinary regulatory oversight is required. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and leaders. Unfortunately, the AG Bill Barr has proven himself to be anything other than extraordinary. This week, Bill Barr has said that he has not seen fraud
3/ on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. Really? It’s curious Barr, the head of the DOJ, would affirmatively make a statement on a pending investigation. As a former prosecutor for over 3 decades, I, and virtually everyone similarly situated
4/ know that the DOJ guidelines DO NOT allow comment on investigations. They neither confirm nor deny the existence of any investigation, yet Barr actually goes beyond that, and takes it upon himself, in the midst of a presidential election before some states have certified, as
5/ affidavits alleging fraud continue to come in, before electors have even voted, that there is not sufficient evidence. So why would Barr do that? Why would he not continue an investigation as the evidence continues to come in? Why would he even share information on a pending
6/ investigation? It’s just not done. Now, before you made that blanket conclusory statement, did you determine the answer, Bill, to these allegations? On election night, with the President ahead in several swing states:

WHY was the counting stopped?

WHY were observers not
7/ permitted to reasonably observe ballot counting?

WHY were observers removed from counting areas?

WHY did counters cheer when Republican observers were removed?

WHY were windows boarded up in Detroit so that observers could not observe?

WHY when observers were allowed
8/ to re-enter were there an unusually large number of ballots, with an unusually high percentage of 90-and-above for Joe Biden?

And why was there a failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots?

WHY was there destruction of mail-in ballots envelopes, which must contain
9/ signatures?

WHY does the Voter Integrity Project [@MattBraynard] in GA estimate that over 20k people who no longer meet residency requirements were casting ballots in GA? Where Biden’s margin is only 12k votes.

Why are statistical anomalies in the chain of custody
10/ breakdowns?

WHY are there record numbers of dead people voting?

HOW is it that ballots in pristine condition, w/ out creases, suggesting they had not been in mail-in envelopes, as required by law?

WHY is Joe Biden the 1st candidate to lose FL + OH & still become President?
11/ Might it be that FL and OH have safeguards in place, which the other states do not?

WHY are 18-19 bellwether counties historically indicative of a presidential win, won by Trump and not Biden?

HOW is it that Biden underperformed Clinton in NY, Chicago & LA, but won in the
12/ swing-state cities of Milwaukee, Atlanta, Detroit & Philadelphia? Each known historically for voter corruption?

How is it that Joe Biden underperformed w/ African Americans everywhere, BUT in those swing-states?

WHY were ballot watchers in PA not allowed to observe to the
12/ point where they had to get a court-order, and yet, when they got one, they still weren’t allowed to observe?

HOW is it that the NYTimes, Jimmy Carter & James Baker all agree that absentee ballots are the largest source of fraud that allow for the changes of votes, but now
13/ they’re suddenly secure?

Bill, did you really have answer to all those questions before your premature comment? Have your US Attorneys even finished their investigations? —

Where are the prosecutions of individuals referred to you by the Inspector General like James Comey
13/ and Andrew McCabe for perjury?

How is it that as soon as you became AG you affirmatively came out protecting Barack Obama and Joe Biden?

Since when does an AG say that? Unless the investigation was complete and you knew they had no involvement? But the again, if the
14/ investigation was complete, where are those prosecutions?

Do you really want America to believe that one low-level FBI Attorney by the name of Kevin Clinesmith is the only one person responsible for the Russian Collusion delusion?

You affirmatively exonerate Joe Biden
15/ who is running for President, who was in the Oval Office in that meeting on January 5th [2017] where Obama, Biden & Comey discussed @GenFlynn & the Logan Act is discussed and yet, you, who actually worked for President Trump were not willing to affirmatively do anything as
16/ the Democrats trumped up a Russian Collusion delusion against him. And you’re not wanting the Durham Report to come out before the election?

Gee, that would only help Biden, doesn’t it?

You say you don’t want to weaponized the DOJ against political enemies. Charging someone
17/ commits a crime, by the way, is not weaponizing the DOJ, it’s fulfilling your legal obligation. Your mission. It’s your job.

You admit the DOJ used one standard for Hillary and another for Trump. You said that. And “you can’t ever allow that to happen again.” How?
18/ If you don’t sanction or penalize or prosecute, of course it’s going to happen again. You’ve incentivized them to do it again. You’ve created the precedent that these cases are not to be prosecuted. So what are we going to do, Bill?

Should we write another nonsensical BS
19/ report on “lessons learned”? One that no-one reads, but it simply a nail-in-the-coffin used to bury IN YOUR FACE corruption? Another Benghazi report with “lessons learned” that we already learned from the bombing of the USS Cole?

Like I said, Bill. You talk a big game. So
20/ now you say the Russian Collusion investigation will not be swept under the rug because now you’ve made John Durham Special Counsel? Hey, Durham was supposed to wrap up in the summer, but he didn’t? Why? And don’t give me this nonsense that he can’t be removed now because
21/ Special Counsel aren’t subject to day-to-day supervision of the AG. Let me tell you something, if Biden is the President, he will ask every US Attorney to hand in their resignation & that includes John Durham. And no pin-pricked prophylactic protection that you give him can
22/ counter that directive. Biden can still direct the AG to fire Durham. How sad it is that the Republicans wanted to stop President Trump from firing SC Mueller. Not that he even said he would, but they said they wanted to stop him. But I doubt there’s ANY Democrat
23/ who’s gonna try and tell Joe Biden that he can’t fire John Durham, especially since Adam “Sack of Schiff” stated that Biden’s AG could, and perhaps should, end John Durham’s inquiry into the Trump/Russia investigation. Surprise, surprise. The Democrats are going to get away
24/ with it again. You know, Bill, Americans are furious over the Russian Collusion hoax, especially the 10M more who voted for Trump this election.

We need answers.
We need action.
We need Justice.” 🇺🇸💥

Let’s see what happens.

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The question is:
Is this an official account for Bahcesehir Uni (Bau)?

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