NEW: @GenFlynn interview w/ @newsmax [on his view of the 2020 Election and what should happen next] "First of all, @realDonaldTrump won on the 3rd of November. The things that he needs to do right now [are]: appoint a Special Counsel, immediately; seize all of these Dominion and

2/ other voting machines that we have across the country; he needs to go ahead and prioritize by state, and probably by county [Fulton County, Maricopa County, as an example]. Exactly what they did up in Antrim County, MI, and what they discovered. I think if he looks
3/ at a random sampling of some of these counties, he's going to find exactly the same problem. These machines are clearly, CLEARLY, there is a foreign influence that is tied to this system, and it goes back to China. It likely goes to Russia. Likely goes to Iran. We know that
4/ Venezuela has participated in the development of these machines. There's been problems all over the country with them. Not only with Dominion, but with this Smartmatic software. He's got a couple of options that he can take, and he needs to take them right now.
5/ The President could, immediately, on his order, seize every single one of these machines around country, on his order. He could also order, within the swing-states [if he wanted to], he could take military capabilities and he could place them in those states & basically re-run
6/ an election in each of those states. It's not unprecedented.

- We clearly have a constitutional process. That has to be followed, but I will tell you that I'm a little concerned about Chief Justice John Roberts at the Supreme Court. We can't fool around with the fabric of
7/ the Constitution of the United States, and I think that right now, if the Supreme Court doesn't get involved, in at least making sure that the fabric of that Constitution is held together [and all they have to do is look at the evidence. They have to look at the evidence.
8/ I'm not certain, in fact, I don't believe that the Supreme Court of the United States has even looked at the merit of any of the cases that have been put forward yet. What they've been looking at is process fouls. Whether someone crossed a "T" or dotted an "I".
9/ That's unsatisfactory. To me, that lacks courage. It lacks moral fiber within the Chief Justice, and frankly with members of the Supreme Court ... we should expect much more out of the Supreme Court. And clearly, the other thing I would say ... is I expect much more out of
10/ the Republican Party. They need to stand up and start fighting for this President ... They are WEAK and they lack COURAGE."


11/ VIDEO: [Part One]
12/ VIDEO: [Part Two]
13/ VIDEO: [Part Three]
14/ VIDEO: [Part Four - FINAL] 🇺🇸

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1/ Imagine that as soon as the referendum result the EU announced that it was looking forward to the end of free movement of UK citizens in the EU

2/ Imagine if the EU said finally all those retired Brits in the EU27 could go home

3/ Imagine if the EU said finally all those Brits in the EU could stop driving down wages, taking jobs and stop sending benefits back to the UK

4/ Imagine if the EU said it was looking to use UK citizens as “bargaining chips” to get a better trade deal

5/ Imagine if the EU told UK citizens in the EU27 that they could no longer rely on established legal rights and they would have to apply for a new status which they have to pay for for less rights
Handy guide for Dominic Raab and other Brexiteers, and for anyone keen to replace our EU trade with trade with the rest of the world on WTO terms...

You can't magic away the vast distances involved. Clue: we fly in only 1/192th of our trade compared to the amount that arrives via sea

But even if you invented a teleporter tomorrow, WTO terms are so bad, so stacked against us, that a no-deal Brexit will be a total economic disaster

And while the Brexiteers fantasise, real jobs are being lost, investments are drying up, companies are moving assets to the EU27 or redomiciling. All already happened and happening right now, not in some mythical

Of course, there are many, many myths that Brexiteers perpetuate that are total fiction. You've seen a couple of them already. The thread below busts a whole lot
How the CIA gets the media to lie to you

War on democracy - installing US-puppet dictators in Latin America in order to control their economies
#Guatemala #Arbenz #RedScare

Propaganda, "harmless bombing" and a CIA terror campaign

CIA war on Nicaragua

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# Using Google Colab

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