Prepare to have your mind blown. Lin Wood, Isaac Kappy Here’s what we know
1. Lin Wood shares the password
2. Website has an article where the first letter of each sentence matches password
3. Title of article is an anagram for issac kappy

4. Somehow the file is stored in tor because of the reference to torsocks
5. Nobody has done an in depth analysis of the source code to see if there’s any hints there
6 search engine searches for slack, tor, and website returned nothing @sistronk @Crazy_German17 @boy17_tommy @105artillery @thecoffeebarons @Mareq16 @MKEBRAWLER @RealMaciejHelak @C8red8r @FabianBlondel @LaureenZapf
Silicon Valley is modelled after Crassus
@threadreaderapp please unroll

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