BREAKING: On the @intheMatrixxx podcast with @PatrickByrne - Byrne states that President Trump WANTED TO MOVE FORWARD with @SidneyPowell1 as WH Special Counsel last Friday [Dec. 18th] and that he was authorizing her to be given a security clearance. Noted that Pat Cipollene was

2/ working to talk him out of it. When she called Mark Meadows the next day in an effort to begin setting up an office at the WH, she was rebuffed. She then replied that she would at least need a badge to be able to go back and forth, which was ALSO rebuffed. She then went to the
3/ WH on Monday [Dec. 21st] “and they essentially kicked her out and she wasn’t allowed to see the President”.

If this account is accurate [and the President’s own WH Counsel/Team are deliberately defying + scuttling his wishes], this sounds like it could be a massive problem.
4/ I know that there aren’t many [if any] lawyers in the entire United States that I would trust more to fight for the truth and justice than @SidneyPowell1. I am confident that she always has the best interests of the United States and Rule of Law in mind with ANY actions that
5/ she chooses to take, and has the integrity to let the chips fall where they may, even if that means that she discovers insufficient evidence of fraud to prove that President Trump was the rightful victor. No matter the reality of what is occurring behind closed doors, I know
6/ that America can trust her to dedicate her complete focus, wisdom and heart toward uncovering the truth, defending the Constitution and protecting the United States from those who wish to subvert our laws to do us harm. Even if the WH Special Counsel route is not pursued,
7/ I am eager to see if the Supreme Court is willing to take the cases that she brought before them in several different battleground states. THANK YOU @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn @PatrickByrne @tracybeanz @jbinnall @MattBraynard & many others working tirelessly in this effort! 🇺🇸🙏🏼
8/ Link to the full podcast can be found here, episode “BYRNE AT WHITEHOUSE”. Thank you to @intheMatrixxx and @cblcrshr for hosting him.

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