➡️Found IP address in the Dominion Server,kidnapped in Frankfurt,2020 US elections manipulating actors:
👉HSBC Bank,Canada(Eric Coomer)
👉CTCL(Mark Zuckemberg)
👉Indivisible .org(ACORN,OBAMA Political Group)

1)➡️ Belgrade, Serbia(OSF/Soros)
Esiste un collegamento diretto con Belgrado, in Serbia, e ci sono, o c'erano, numerosi dipendenti Dominion in Serbia. Sempre in Serbia esiste la Open Society Foundation, proprieta' di Soros, che appartiene ad una delle 1/2
5 Fondazioni nell'europa dell'est, facenti capo alla sede madre a Barcellona (stessa citta' della Syct) la sede di Bruxelles per l'advocacy, e le sedi di londra e Berlino per i temi globali. La sede di New York coordina il tutto. 2/2
2)➡️ Dal 2004, in qualità di unico fornitore di dati sui sondaggi del giorno delle elezioni per il National Election Pool, 👉Edison Research ha condotto sondaggi di uscita per proiettare e analizzare i risultati di ogni principale elezione presidenziale US. Edison 1/4
Research fornisce sondaggi di uscita e tabula il voto nazionale in ogni contea degli Stati Uniti per ABC News, CBS News, CNN e NBC News.
I clienti di Edison Research includono Activision,Amazon,AMC Theatres, Apple,Disney,Dolby Laboratories, Facebook,Google,Oracle,The US 2/4
International Broadcasting Bureau, Pandora, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, 👉GATES FOUNDATION (BMGF), Spotify e Univision.👉Alla domanda se la
società avesse notato queste o altre anomalie nei dati di voto, il presidente di Edison Research 👉Larry Rosin ha 3/4
dichiarato a The Dispatch Fact Check : "Edison Research non ha creato tale rapporto e non siamo a conoscenza di alcuna frode degli elettori". 4/4👇

Per questo motivo Edison Research possiede un server in Iran, che fa ponte in Olanda, ed ha continuamente ritardato gli aggiornamenti numerici di Trump, durante la notte delle rlezioni presidenziali US 2020.

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Over the following days the 24hr startup crew had more than their fair share of launches

Lots of variety: web, bots, extensions and even native apps

eg. @jordibruin with
1/ I wanted to show you some sneak peek this week, but instead we DEPLOYED TO PRODUCTION 🔥😄

If you’re a creator, get an invite here 👉 https://t.co/D8H6g8TL9o

Week 2 highlights: our first ever podcast 🎙, meeting @Jason 🦄, shipping @BREWdotcom alpha 🚢 & laptop stickers!

2/ First off, thanks for the mind-blowing response last week (120k+ views 😲 omgwtfasdasd!)… absolutely pushed us to get the product out there.

also, there’s something magical about watching people try a buggy product and fixing it on the go 🤓

3/ Thanks @JasonDemant for inviting us to grab some behind the scenes at @LAUNCH.

As a huge fan and avid listener of the @TWistartups show🎙, it was great watching @Jason do his thing live!

4/ 🎙@domainnamewire invited us to chat about acquiring https://t.co/GOQJ7L2faV domain and that was officially our first podcast ever. Check it out here: https://t.co/eusVCOlUSb.

You nailed it your first time, Maddy! 🍻 Thanks for having us on the show, Andrew.

5/ Great news: Brew partnered with @Tipalti to enable payouts for creators everywhere (unlike @kickstarter which only support 26 countries).

Platforms like Twitch use Tipalti to payout instantly and via multiple methods like Check, PayPal, local bank transfer, etc.
We’ve been getting calls and outreach from Queens residents all day about this.

The community’s response? Outrage.

Amazon is a billion-dollar company. The idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when our subway is crumbling and our communities need MORE investment, not less, is extremely concerning to residents here.

When we talk about bringing jobs to the community, we need to dig deep:
- Has the company promised to hire in the existing community?
- What’s the quality of jobs + how many are promised? Are these jobs low-wage or high wage? Are there benefits? Can people collectively bargain?

Displacement is not community development. Investing in luxury condos is not the same thing as investing in people and families.

Shuffling working class people out of a community does not improve their quality of life.

We need to focus on good healthcare, living wages, affordable rent. Corporations that offer none of those things should be met w/ skepticism.

It’s possible to establish economic partnerships w/ real opportunities for working families, instead of a race-to-the-bottom competition.