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We - myself from AIPWA, @kawalpreetdu from @AISA_tweets and advocate Sneha from @HRLNIndia are in Kanth, #Moradabad to meet the Muskan and Rashid, the couple who are victims of illegal arrest, forced abortion by @UPPolice under the hateful ordinance passed by @myogiadityanath

We found that 1) Muskan is very weak after her miscarriage, and the Moradabad District Hospital where she was admitted has not given her the treatment papers, nor any course of antibiotics and painkillers to prevent post miscarriage infections that can affect fertility in future

2) The first dose of antibiotics & painkillers Muskan received is today - after we got her to speak on phone to a senior gynaecologist in Delhi, who explained that antibiotics are always prescribed following a miscarriage, to prevent infections.

3) Muskan alleges that the hospital administered abortifacient injections after which she suffered a miscarriage. What is indisputable is that the hospital deliberately failed in its duty to a patient, a) by not telling Muskan re the miscarriage b) by not prescribing antibiotics

and c) by withholding her treatment papers which every patient is supposed to receive
Moreover, how did the head of the UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Dr Vishesh Gupta, declare that pregnancy was intact? On whose orders did Dr Vishesh Gutpa lie?